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More Jolts! Activities to Wake up and Engage Your Participants

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Sivasailam Thiagarajan
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Praise for Thiagi's first Jolts!
"If you facilitate group learning or change management, youwon't want to miss this one!"
--Elaine Biech, author of Business of Consultingand Training for Dummies

"A valuable addition to any trainer's bookshelf."
--Jean Barbazette, president, The Training Clinic, andauthor of The Art of Great Training Delivery and Managingthe Training Function for Bottom-Line Results

"As a Charter Member of BFT (Borrow from Thiagi) Club, I've beenadapting Thiagi's training activities for decades. . . . Use thejolts from this book as a way to instantly and successfully engageyour participants with your topic."
--Steve Sugar, author of Games That Teach

In his popular first collection of games, Jolts!,renowned trainer and game experts Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan(writing with Tracy Tagliati ) handed trainers well-designed gamesto engage and energize participants, clarify complex ideas, andsolidify concepts in participants' minds.

Now Thiagi zaps us again with More Jolts!, a collectionof 50 brand-new, ready-to-use jolts that share new ways to captureparticipants' attention; smooth transitions; keep participantsalert even after a break; tap the wisdom of the group; and spice uplectures with relevant activities. The book even identifies thejolts that can be seamlessly incorporated into your next e-learningproject or interactive webinar.

Brief, engaging, and easily adaptable to your purpose, MoreJolts! gives you everything you need to pump up the energy andeffectiveness of your training programs.
On the Website ix

Preface xi


Chapter 1--What Is a Jolt? 3

Chapter 2--Why Use Jolts? 7

Chapter 3--How to Use Jolts 11


Introduction to Part 2 19

Jolt 1. $5 Meetings 29

Jolt 2. 20 Questions 35

Jolt 3. 60 Seconds 39

Jolt 4. Aloft 43

Jolt 5. Birds of a Feather 47

Jolt 6. Categories 51

Jolt 7. Choice 55

Jolt 8. Coaching Blitz 59

Jolt 9. Context 63

Jolt 10. Count and Spell 67

Jolt 11. Cut Deeper 69

Jolt 12. Daily To-Dos 73

Jolt 13. Different Similarities 77

Jolt 14. Diversity and Inclusion 81

Jolt 15. Do You See What I See? 89

Jolt 16. Exclusion 91

Jolt 17. Eye Test 99

Jolt 18. Four Ears 105

Jolt 19. Four Years 109

Jolt 20. Improvement 113

Jolt 21. Instructions 117

Jolt 22. Johari 121

Jolt 23. Latecomer 125

Jolt 24. Listen 129

Jolt 25. LPPT 135

Jolt 26. Match 139

Jolt 27. Miss-Understanding 143

Jolt 28. Not Fair 147

Jolt 29. Now You See It, Now You Don't 151

Jolt 30. Paper Folding 155

Jolt 31. People 157

Jolt 32. Pop 161

Jolt 33. Positives 165

Jolt 34. Proofread 169

Jolt 35. Quick Change 173

Jolt 36. Quick Draw 177

Jolt 37. Ranking 181

Jolt 38. Rapid Response 185

Jolt 39. Ritual 191

Jolt 40. Rope Trick 195

Jolt 41. Secret Job Aid 199

Jolt 42. Snake Bite 203

Jolt 43. Strengths 209

Jolt 44. Systematic Ranking 213

Jolt 45. Team Poker 219

Jolt 46. Teamwork 223

Jolt 47. Ten Traits 229

Jolt 48. Top Three 235

Jolt 49. Values 239

Jolt 50. Walk, Stop, Talk, Hop 245


Introduction to Part 3 251

Debriefing Game 1. Got a Question 253

Debriefing Game 2. Last Player Standing 257

Debriefing Game 3. Live Likert 259

Debriefing Game 4. Men and Women 261

Debriefing Game 5. Mood Check 265

Debriefing Game 6. Seven Lessons 269

Debriefing Game 7. Slogans 273

Debriefing Game 8. Sticky Ideas 275

Debriefing Game 9. Sudden Survey 277

Debriefing Game 10. Take Five 281

Index 285

About the Authors 295

About the American Society for Training & Development297
The best training and workplace games can engage and energize participants, clarify complex ideas, and help solidify concepts in participants' minds. Game design is both difficult and time consuming, however. Following up on their popular first collection of games, Jolts!, renowned trainer and game experts Thiagi and Tracy Tagliati offer More Jolts!, a collection of 50 ready-to-use jolts. Each jolt is presented in a standard format with clear explanation of how and when to use it. The book provides practical guidelines to help trainers capture participants' attention; smooth transitions; keep participants alert even after a break; tap the wisdom of the group; and break up lectures with relevant activities.

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