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Crazy Good Interviewing

How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job
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John B. Molidor
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How acting a little crazy and thinking outside of the box can get you the job you want
Ever hear of a job candidate stretching out on the interviewer's floor to fill out an application? Or an applicant who sees nothing wrong with texting during the interview? Securing a job interview is a golden opportunity. The crazy-bad behavior described above will not net a job offer. Crazy Good Interviewing shows readers that crazy-good behavior, however, can make an applicant stand out favorably in a sea of mediocrity. Take the candidate who created a keynote presentation on his iPad to show what he could bring to the job or the one who created a DVD highlighting her abilities.

Crazy Good Interviewing is a book geared toward those who are looking for work in this tough economy.
* Addresses how slightly eccentric behaviors can tip the scales in the applicant's favor
* Delves into how to access your three key strengths, how to use body language effectively, how to prepare a five-sentence history that builds a bridge to the interviewer, and more

Turn just plain crazy into crazy-good, and land the job at your next interview.
Chapter 1: Job Hunting In A Crazy Economy

Job Market Overview

Table 1.1: United States Unemployment Rates By State

Why Is The Interview So Important?

What Makes Me An Expert?

Chapter 2: Go Crazy--In A Good Way

How Do You Rate?

Introducing The "Psychotron"

What's Crazy Bad Behavior?

What's Crazy Good Behavior?

Rate The Behaviors

Chapter 3: First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

Look At The Research

Exceptions To The Rule

The Rating Game

Preparation Is Key

Get Ready To "Act Out"

How Can You Use Simple Mnemonics To Remember What You Want To Showcase In The Interview? Part I

Part I Act Out: Assess Yourself

Chapter 4: Everything From Soup To Nuts

Your Strengths And Limitations

Assessment Tests

Rate The Strength

What's Your Weak Spot?

Human Interaction: Where The Action Is

Education: Know, Know, Know

Jobs That Don't Require College Degrees

Skills And Work Experience

Areas Of Improvement

The Best Policy

Chapter 5: Wild, Wacky, And Wonderful You

Biology 101

Personality 101

Introversion Versus Extraversion: Are You In Or Out?

Interpersonal Skills: Can You Relate?

Your Assignment

Enthusiasm And Motivation: Rah-Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah!

Problem Solving: What's Your Problem?

Creativity: Thinking Outside The Box

Life Experiences 101

Hobbies And Interests: What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

Netting A Job Offer

Chapter 6: Selling "Crazy": Your Unique Value Proposition

Think "Logline"

Create Your Unique Value Proposition

Your Five-Sentence Personal History

Why Anecdotes Work

The Power Of Three

Mad About Metaphors

Chapter 7: Your Worldview On Work

Applying Your Worldview To Work

Work Makes The World Go 'Round

Worldview Provides Career Direction

Mapping A Career Plan

When Job And Worldview Don't Align

Square Peg, Round Hole

Part II Act Out: Communicate

Chapter 8: Bridge The Generational Gap With Crazy-Good Behavior

Defining "Generation"

The Sound Of "Silents" (Born 1924-45)

Big, Bad Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)

Old & New

The Internet Generation X (Born 1965-1983)

High-Tech Generation Y (Born 1984-2002)

Chapter 9: Types Of Interviews

Phone Interviews: Can You Hear Me Now?

Before The Interview: Ready And Waiting ...

During The Interview: It's Showtime!

Skype: Smile For The Camera!

Face Time

One-On-One Interview: Up Close And Personal

Candidate #1 - The Renaissance Man

Candidate #2 - The Comic

It's Showtime!

Play Nice

All Ears

Panel Interview: All Eyes On You

Turning "You're Fired!" Into "You're Hired

Group Interview: When You're One Among Many

Chapter 10: Head Games

Games Interviewers Play

Tension Relievers

Chapter 11: Looking Good ... Crazy Good

Perceiving Is Believing

Putting It All Together

For Men Only

For Women Only

Chapter 12: Use Body Language

To Make A Crazy-Good Impresson

Chapter 13: Voice Overs: Why Your Voice Is Important

Sound Off: Elements Of Voice

Part III Act Out: Thank

Chapter 14: After The Interviewer: Give Thanks

The Waiting Game

Crazy Bad Follow-Up Efforts

Chapter 15: Post-Interview Self-Evaluation - How Did You Do?

Rate Yourself; Don't Berate Yourself

Do You Really Want To Work There?

Moral Dilemmas

Chapter 16: Putting It All Together In A Crazy-Good Way

Establish Your Power Base

Use A Crazy Good Interview Strategy

Use Crazy-Good Behaviors To Get The Job

Sell Yourself Like Crazy

Be Yourself, In A Crazy Good Way

Research The Employer Like Crazy

Research The Interviewer(S) Like Crazy

Practice Like Crazy

Foreword Roxanne Emmerich xv

Acknowledgments xix

Chapter 1 Job Hunting in a Crazy Economy 1

Job Market Overview 2

Why Is the Interview So Important? 5

What Makes Me an Expert? 7

Chapter 2 Go Crazy—In a Good Way 9

How Do You Rate? 10

Introducing the ‘‘Psychotron’’ 10

What’s Crazy Bad Behavior? 12

What’s Crazy Good Behavior? 14

Chapter 3 First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions 19

Look at the Research 20

Exceptions to the Rule 21

The Rating Game 23

Preparation Is Key 25

Get Ready to ‘‘Act Out’’ 27

PART I ACT Out: Assess 29

Chapter 4 Everything from Soup to Nuts 31

Your Strengths and Limitations 31

Assessment Instruments 32

What’s Your Weak Spot? 37

Human Interaction: Where the Action Is 40

Education: Know Your Own Strengths 42

Jobs that Don’t Require College Degrees 42

Skills and Work Experience 44

Areas of Improvement 47

The Best Policy 48

Chapter 5 Wild, Wacky, and Wonderful You 51

Biology 101 52

Personality 101 54

Introversion versus Extraversion: Are You In or Out? 55

Interpersonal Skills: Can You Relate? 59

Your Assignment 61

Enthusiasm and Motivation: Rah-Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah! 61

Problem Solving: What’s Your Problem? 63

Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box 64

Life Experiences 101 66

Hobbies and Interests: What Do You Do in Your Spare Time? 68

Netting a Job Offer 70

Chapter 6 Selling ‘‘Crazy’’: Your Unique Value Proposition 73

Think ‘‘Log Line’’ 74

Create Your Unique Value Proposition 76

Your Five-Sentence Personal History 78

Why Anecdotes Work 80

The Power of Three 82

Mad About Metaphors 85

Chapter 7 Your Worldview on Work 87

Applying Your Worldview to Work 88

Work Makes the World Go ’Round 88

Worldview Provides Career Direction 90

Mapping a Career Plan 92

When Job and Worldview Don’t Align 94

Square Peg, Round Hole 95

PART II ACT Out: Communicate 97

Chapter 8 Bridge the Generational Gap with Crazy Good Behavior 99

Defining ‘‘Generation’’ 99

The Sound of ‘‘Silents’’ (Born 1924–1945) 101

Big, Bad Baby Boomers (Born 1946–1964) 104

Old and New 107

The Internet Generation X (Born 1965–1983) 108

High-Tech Generation Y (Born 1984–2002) 111

Chapter 9 Types of Interviews 115

Phone Interviews: Can You Hear Me Now? 115

Before the Interview: Ready and Waiting 119

During the Interview 120

Skype: Smile for the Camera! 120

FaceTime 123

One-on-One Interview: Up Close and Persona 162

Posture Perfect 165

Gestures and Facial Expressions 170

Chapter 13 Voiceovers: Your Voice Speaks Volumes 173

Sound Off: Elements of Voice 175

PART III ACT Out: Thank 183

Chapter 14 After the Interview: Thank ’em Like Crazy 185

The Waiting Game 186

Crazy Bad Follow-Up Efforts 194

Chapter 15 Post-Interview Self-Evaluation: How Did You Do? 197

Rate Yourself; Don’t Berate Yourself 198

Do You Really Want to Work There? 202

Moral Dilemmas 204

Chapter 16 Putting It All Together in a Crazy Good Way 205

Establish Your Power Base 207

Use a Crazy Good Interview Strategy 208

Use Crazy Good Behaviors to Get the Job 208

Sell Yourself Like Crazy 209

Be Yourself, in a Crazy Good Way 209

Research the Employer Like Crazy 209

Research the Interviewer(s) Like Crazy 211

Practice Like Crazy 212

Take the Stage 213

Appendix 150 Frequently Asked Questions 215

Index 229

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