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Passing the FRACP Written Examination

Questions and Answers
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Jonathan Gleadle
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Passing the FRACP Written Examination is the ideal studyaid for candidates of the Fellow of the Royal Australasian Collegeof Physicians (FRACP) examination. Written by a team of physiciansbased at Flinders Medical Centre, and covering the key componentsof the FRACP basic training syllabus, this guide presents over 500multiple-choice questions on all major topics covered in theexamination. It provides coverage of rapidly evolving topics suchas healthcare in an ageing population, disparity in indigenoushealth outcomes, advances in molecular science and genetics, andthe complexity of care arising from multiple chronic illnesses.Questions echo the written examination, including those on both'Basic Sciences' and 'ClinicalPractice'.
Many of the questions are similar to those in the actualexamination; others are designed to 'teach'particularly important issues or to draw attention to contemporarytopics. Each question has an answer that fully explains the correctand incorrect responses.

This study aid also includes:
* Questions and answers linked to a reference that isusually the best and most contemporary review for further readingand as additional guide to study
* QR code links to all the references
* Hints and tips from previous candidates on examinationstrategies
* A large number of the new style extended matchingquestions (EMQs).

This brand new study aid gives all FRACP candidates a uniqueopportunity to practise for the examination and improve theirmedical knowledge of the syllabus as a whole.
Introduction, vii

Acknowledgements, xii

Features contained in your study aid, xiii

1. Cardiology, 1

Answers, 16

2. Respiratory and sleep medicine, 43

Answers, 53

3. Gastroenterology, 74

Answers, 84

4. Nephrology, 105

Answers, 114

5. Endocrinology, 129

Answers, 138

6. Neurology, 158

Answers, 166

7. Rheumatology, 186

Answers, 197

8. Dermatology, 218

Answers, 223

9. Oncology, 229

Answers, 236

10. Infectious diseases, 250

Answers, 257

11. Haematology, 270

Answers, 281

12. Clinical immunology, 301

Answers, 307

13. Clinical pharmacology, 320

Answers, 326

14. Clinical genetics, 340

Answers, 347

15. General medicine, geriatric medicine and other topics, 361

Answers, 372

16. Psychiatry, 391

Answers, 394

17. Statistics, epidemiology and research, 400

Answers, 406

18. Intensive care medicine, 413

Answers, 420

Index, 435

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