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Understanding Theories of Religion

An Introduction
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Ivan Strenski
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Featuring comprehensive updates and additions, the secondedition of Understanding Theories of Religion explores thedevelopment of major theories of religion through the works ofclassic and contemporary figures.
* A new edition of this introductory text exploringthe core methods and theorists in religion, spanning thesixteenth-century through to the latest theoretical trends
* Features an entirely new section covering religion andpostmodernism; race, sex, and gender; and religion andpostcolonialism
* Examines the development of religious theories throughthe work of classic and contemporary figures from the history ofanthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and theology
* Reveals how the study of religion evolved in responseto great cultural conflicts and major historical events
* Student-friendly features include chapterintroductions and summaries, biographical vignettes, a timeline, aglossary, and many other learning aids
Preface to the Second Edition: Understanding, Instead of JustThinking vii

1 Introduction: Understanding Theories of Religion Is Betterthan Just Being Critical 1

Part I The Prehistory of the Study of Religion: Responses toan Expanding World 7

2 Jean Bodin and Herbert of Cherbury: True Religion, EssentialReligion, and Natural Religion 9

3 Understanding Religion Also Began with Trying to Understandthe Bible 19

Part II Classic Nineteenth-Century Theorists of the Study ofReligion: The Quest for the Origins of Religion in History31

4 Max Müller, the Comparative Study of Religion, and theSearch for Other Bibles in India 33

5 The Shock of the "Savage": Edward Burnett Tylor,Evolution, and Spirits 45

6 The Religion of the Bible Evolves: William Robertson Smith55

7 Setting the Eternal Templates of Salvation: James Frazer65

Part III Classic Twentieth-Century Theorists of the Study ofReligion: Defending the Inner Sanctum of Religious Experience orStorming It 75

8 Understanding How to Understand Religion: "Phenomenologyof Religion" 77

9 How Religious Experience Created Capitalism: Max Weber 93

10 Tales from the Underground: Freud and the PsychoanalyticOrigins of Religion 106

11 Bronislaw Malinowski and the "Sublime Folly" ofReligion 118

12 Seeing God with the Social Eye: Durkheim's ReligiousSociology 129

13 Mircea Eliade: Turning Back the "Worm of Doubt"142

Part IV Liberation and Post-Modernism: Race, Gender,Post-Colonialism, the Discourse on Power 155

14 From Modernism to Post-Modernism: Mostly Michel Foucault157

15 Theorizing Religion with Race in Mind: Prophecy or Curiosity?171

16 Sex/Gender and Women: Feminists Theorizing Religion 189

17 Another "Otherness": Post-Colonial Theories ofReligion 216

18 Conclusion: Being "Smart" about Bringing"Religion" Back In 241

Index 254

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