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Non-Parkinsonian Movement Disorders

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Deborah A. Hall
NIP- Neurology in Practice
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A clinical 'in the office' or 'at the bedside' guide to effective patient care for neurologists in practice and in training
* Each presentation includes practical descriptions of phenomenology, and key clinical information from the history and neurological examination that guide the physician to the correct diagnosis, and treatment options
* Throughout the book Science Revisited highlights remind clinicians of the scientific anchors related to each disorder, and Evidence at a Glance boxes summarise clinical trial evidence-based review information
* Numerous video clips in every chapter demonstrate different movement disorders to aid diagnosis
* Unique learning tools, Tips and Tricks and Caution Warning boxes, give useful hints on improving outcomes and preventing errors
List of Contributors vii

Series Foreword ix

Foreword x

About the Companion Website xi

1 Approach to Movement Disorders 1
Deborah A. Hall and Brandon R. Barton

part 1: hypokinetic

2 Hypokinetic (Non?]Parkinsonian) Movement Disorders 7
Shyamal H. Mehta and Alberto J. Espay

part 2: hyperkinetic

3 Common Types of Tremor 17
Jeff Kraakevik and Bernadette Schoneburg

4 Myoclonus 26
Daniel Burdick and Pinky Agarwal

5 Tics and Tourette Syndrome 35
David Shprecher

6 Chorea, Athetosis, and Ballism 43
Rohit Dhall

7 Dystonia 57
Lauren Schrock, Tao Xie and Brandon R. Barton

8 Ataxia 68
Samantha Holden and Deborah A. Hall

9 Restless Leg Syndrome 79
Olga Klepitskaya

10 Hemifacial Spasm and Other Facial Movement Disorders 89
Tao Xie, Ifeoma Nwaneri and Un Jung Kang

11 Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder 99
Aleksandar Videnovic

12 Stereotypies 106
Michael Rotstein

13 Paroxysmal Movement Disorders 114
Christina L. Vaughan

14 Uncommon Movement Disorders and Movement Disorder Mimics 121
Nina Browner

part 3: other disease syndromes

15 Tardive Syndromes 133
Stephanie Lessig

16 Heavy Metal Accumulation Diseases 139
Khashayar Dashtipour and Janice Fuentes

17 ICU Intensive Care Unit Movement Disorder Emergencies 150
Florence C. F. Chang and Steven J. Frucht

18 Functional or Psychogenic Movement Disorders 161
S. Elizabeth Zauber

part 4: additional resources

19 Genetics of Movement Disorders 171
Deborah A. Hall

20 Neuroimaging Finding in Movement Disorders 175
Kathleen L. Poston

21 Clinical Rating Scales in Movement Disorders 185
Padmaja Vittal and Brandon R. Barton

22 Videotaping Suggestions for Movement Disorders 190
Gian Pal and Deborah A. Hall

Index 195

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