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A Guide to Eighteenth-Century Art

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Linda Walsh
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A Guide to Eighteenth-Century Art offers an introductory overview of the art, artists, and artistic movements of this exuberant period in European art, and the social, economic, philosophical, and political debates that helped shape them.* Covers both artistic developments and critical approaches to the period by leading contemporary scholars

* Uses an innovative framework to emphasize the roles of tradition, modernity, and hierarchy in the production of artistic works of the period

* Reveals the practical issues connected with the production, sale, public and private display of art of the period

* Assesses eighteenth-century art's contribution to what we now refer to as 'modernity'

* Includes numerous illustrations, and is accompanied by online resources examining art produced outside Europe and its relationship with the West, along with other useful resources
List of Figures vi

Acknowledgments x

Companion Website xi

Introduction: Style, Society, Modernity 1

1 Institutional Hierarchies: Art and Craft 19

2 Genres and Contested Hierarchies 56

3 Markets, Publics, Expert Opinions 122

4 Taste, Criticism and Journalism 189

5 Seeking a Moral Order: The Choice between Virtue and Pleasure 205

Conclusion 239

References 240

Index 260

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