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Global Communication

Theories, Stakeholders and Trends
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Thomas L. McPhail
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Global Communication is the most definitive text onmulti-national communication and media conglomerates, exploring howglobal media influences both audiences and policy makers around theworld. This new edition is comprehensively updated to reflect themany fast moving developments associated with this dynamicfield.* A new edition of the most definitive text on multi-nationalcommunication and media conglomerates, each chapter updated withextensive new details
* Covers the expanding area of global communication and describesmajor multimedia conglomerates, particularly in the USA, includingthe purchase of NBC-Universal by Comcast and Disney's expansion inChina
* Includes new information on the phone hacking scandal by NewsCorporation's employees in the UK
* Explains the significant changes in the communication industryboth in the US and elsewhere
* Chronicles the continuing story of the development of ArabMedia with new coverage on the Arab Spring
* Offers an updated companion website with instructor'smanual, test banks and student activities, available uponpublication at
Notes on Contributors vi

Preface vii

Acknowledgments x

1 Global Communication: Background 1

2 Development Research Traditions and Global Communication 31

3 The Message: The Role of International Organizations 47

4 Public Diplomacy: New Dimensions and Implications Nancy Snow 64

5 The Medium: Global Technologies and Organizations 80

6 The Internet: The Evolving Frontier 96

7 American Multimedia Conglomerates 117

8 Stakeholders of Multimedia Conglomerates Outside the United States 148

9 Euromedia: Integration and Cultural Diversity in a Changing Media Landscape Alexa Robertson 164

10 Global Issues, Music, and MTV 181

11 CNN: International Role, Impact, and Global Competitors 198

12 The Role of Global News Agencies 222

13 Arab Media and the Al Jazeera Effect Lawrence Pintak 235

14 Toward Globalization: The Approaches and Accomplishments of the Four Media Giants in Asia Junhao Hong 248

15 The Role of Global Advertising 275

16 Summary and Conclusions 287

Select Bibliography 304

Index 312

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