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Overactive Bladder

Practical Management
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Jacques Corcos
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Overactive Bladder: Practical Management provides urologists, gynecologists and other health practitioners with a comprehensive clinical guide to this very common problem, resulting in a perfect resource to consult time and time again.Beginning with an introductory section covering the definition and pathophysiolgy of OAB, it then moves on to cover evaluation, first-line management, second-line management and finally surgery.
Well-illustrated throughout, each chapter begins with a key points box outlining the most important take-home messages. Also included are clear management algorithms to aid decision-making, 'Do's and Don't' boxes to help avoid errors made, key references to the top journal articles, and the very latest guidelines from the EAU, AUA and other major urology societies.
Chapters are written by the top names in the field and the entire book is expertly edited by Jacques Corcos, John Heesakkers and Scott MacDiarmid. The result is a consistent, comprehensive and fully up to date approach to OAB, providing urologists managing patients with this condition with rapid access, specialist clinical guidance.
List of Contributors vi

Preface viii

1 Adolescent and transitional urology--an introduction 1

Part I: The kidney

2 Anatomical and cystic anomalies of the kidney 13

3 Stones 22

4 Prune?]belly syndrome 29

Part II: The ureter

5 Renal function in adolescents 41
Dr Kate Hillman and Professor Guy Neild

6 Structural anomalies and reconstruction of the ureter 49

7 Vesico?]ureteric reflux 58

Part III: The bladder

8 The neuropathic bladder and spina bifida 75

9 Lower urinary tract replacement and reconstruction 91

10 Urinary diversion and undiversion 116

11 Other bladder conditions 122

12 Exstrophy and epispadias 128

13 Cloacal exstrophy 154

Part IV: The urethra

14 Posterior urethral valves 167

15 Hypospadias 177

Part V: Disorders of sex development

16 Scrotal abnormalities 193

17 The overvirilized female 202

18 The undervirilized male 218

19 Adolescent sexuality and counseling 232

Part VI: Neoplasia

20 Neoplastic disease: outcomes in survivors 239

Index 250

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