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Motivating and Retaining Online Students

Research-Based Strategies That Work
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Rosemary M. Lehman
1, Online Teaching and Learning Series (OTL)
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Finally, the first research-based book of sound strategies and bestpractices to help instructors motivate students to complete theironline courses.
Although studies support the effectiveness of learning online,students often fail to complete online courses. Some studies havefound that as many as 50-70% drop out of their online coursesor programs. Retention is not only a growing expectation andimperative, but it is also as opportunity for faculty members totake the lead in innovating, researching, and implementing newstrategies while demonstrating their effectiveness.

Designed for instructors and instructional designers, Motivatingand Retaining Online Students is filled with empirical researchfrom the authors' study of motivation and retentionstrategies that can reduce online learner dropout. Focusing onthe most important issues instructors face, such as course design;student engagement and motivation; and institutional,instructional, and informal student support strategies, thebook provides effective online strategies that help minimizestudent dropout, increase student retention, and support studentlearning.

While helping to improve the overall retention rates foreducational institutions, the strategies outlined in the bookalso allow for student diversity and individual learnerdifferences. Lehman and Conceição's proven modelgives instructors an effective approach to help students persist inonline courses and succeed as learners.
List of Tables, Exhibits, and Figure ix

Preface xi

The Focus of This Book xii

Who Can Benefit from This Book xii

Our Beliefs About Learning and Teaching xii

How This Book Is Organized xiii

Acknowledgments xiv

About the Authors xvii

1. Concerns and Opportunities for Online Student Retention1

Evolving Concepts of Presence, Communication, and Interaction1

Redefining the Characteristics of the Higher Education Learner2

New Ways of Learning 2

Causes for Increased Enrollment 3

The State of Higher Education and Online Learning 4

Concerns for Online Student Retention 5

Reasons Online Students Drop Out 5

Factors for Student Persistence in Online Education 7

Opportunities for Online Education 10

New Learner Behaviors and Skills in the 21st Century 11

Filling the Gap: Strategies for Online Persistence 14

2. Design Strategies for Retaining Online Students 17

Intentional Design for Online Courses 19

Design Elements and Strategies to Help Students Stay MotivatedOnline 20

Creating the Learning Environment 20

Planning for the Teaching Process 25

Predicting Learners' Needs 30

The Impact of Intentional Design for Online Course Success32

Design Strategies for Retaining Online Students 34

3. Student Strategies for Staying Motivated Online 38

Pathway and Strategies for Staying Motivated in Online Courses38

Self-Awareness 39

Self-Efficacy 40

A Purpose for Taking a Course 41

Means to Achieve Goals 42

Rewards for Achieving Goals 53

Explaining Study Findings from a Motivational Perspective 56

Incorporating Student Strategies into Course Design 59

4. Support Strategies for Helping Online Students Persist65

Types of Support Perceived as Important by Students 66

Human Resource Support 66

Institutional Support 69

Self-Care 70

Support Strategies for Helping Online Students Persist 71

Instructional Support Strategies 72

Institutional Support Strategies 75

Self-Care Strategies 80

5. Pulling the Strategies Together 83

Established Findings Related to Online Student Retention 84

Major Contributions from Our Study 84

New Ways of Th inking About Learning and Teaching 86

Persistence Model for Online Student Retention 87

Student-Centered Model 88

Strategies for Helping Students Persist in an Online Course89

Times of Change for Learning in the 21st Century 94

Instructors' Skills for Meeting Students'21st-Century Fluencies 95

Implications and Conclusions for Learning and Teaching Online104

Glossary 107

References 111

Appendix 1 117

Appendix 2 127

Index 135

This book is designed to help increase or improve the retention of online students and thereby increase the overall retention rates for educational institutions. It is filled with empirical research from the author’s study of motivation and retention strategies that can reduce online learner dropout and provides effective online strategies that help minimize student dropout, increase student retention, and support student learning management. It puts the focus on issues of such as course design, student engagement and motivation, and institutional, instructional, and informal support for online students.

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