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Wittgenstein's Later Theory of Meaning

Imagination and Calculation
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Hans Julius Schneider
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By exploring the significance of Wittgenstein's later textsrelating to the philosophy of language, Wittgenstein'sLater Theory of Meaning offers insights that will transform ourunderstanding of the influential 20th-century philosopher.
* Explores the significance of Wittgenstein's later textsrelating to the philosophy of language, and offers new insightsthat transform our understanding of the influential 20th-centuryphilosopher
* Provides original interpretations of thesystematic points about language in Wittgenstein'slater writings that reveal his theory of meaning
* Engages in close readings of a variety of Wittgenstein'slater texts to explore what the philosopher really had to say about'kinds of words' and 'parts of speech'
* Frees Wittgenstein from his reputation as an unsystematicthinker with nothing to offer but 'therapy' forindividual cases of philosophical confusion
Acknowledgments vii

Foreword by Charles Taylor viii

Introduction 1

1 The Fregean Perspective and Concomitant Expectations OneBrings to Wittgenstein 7

2 How a Language Game Becomes Extended 21

3 Kinds of Expression 35

4 "Function" in Language Games and in SententialContexts 47

5 The Sound of a Sentence I: Singing from the Score 67

6 Projection: No Mere Mapping but a Creative Activity 83

7 The Sound of a Sentence II: Surface Grammar 98

8 Complexity 104

9 An Integration of Wittgenstein and Frege? 115

10 Dummett's Doubts and Frege's Concept of"Sense" 128

11 Wittgenstein on "Communicating Something" 137

12 "Grammatical Sense" and "SyntacticMetaphor": A Wittgensteinian Solution 152

13 A "Theory of Meaning" - In What Sense?166

Index 180

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