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Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gases

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William M. Geiger
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Explores the latest advances and applications of specialtyand electronic gas analysis
The semiconductor industry depends upon a broad range ofinstrumental techniques in order to detect and analyze impuritiesthat may be present in specialty and electronic gases, includingpermanent gases, water vapor, reaction by-products, and metalspecies. Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gasesdraws together all the latest advances in analytical chemistry,providing researchers with both the theory and the operatingprinciples of the full spectrum of instrumental techniquesavailable for specialty and electronic gas analysis. Moreover, thebook details the advantages and disadvantages of each technique,steering readers away from common pitfalls.

Featuring contributions from leading analytical and industrialchemists, Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gasescovers a wide range of practical industrial applications. The bookbegins with the historical development of gas analysis and thenfocuses on particular subjects or techniques such as:
* Metals sampling and ICP-MS analysis
* Improvements in FTIR spectroscopy
* Water vapor analysis techniques
* New infrared laser absorption spectroscopy approaches
* GC/MS, GC/AED, and GC-ICP-MS techniques
* Gas chromatography columns
* Atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry

Lastly, the book examines gas mixtures and standards that arecritical for instrument calibration. There are also two appendicesoffering information on fittings and material compatibility.

With its thorough review of the literature and step-by-stepguidance, Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronic Gasesenables researchers to take full advantage of the latest advancesin gas analysis. Although the book's focus is the semiconductor andelectronics industry, analytical chemists in other industriesfacing challenges with such issues as detection selectivity andsensitivity, matrix gas interference, and materials compatibilitywill also discover plenty of useful analytical approaches andtechniques.
This book provides analytical and industrial chemists with up-to-date coverage of the advances in measurement technology in gas analysis. It covers the introduction, theory, and operating principles of a wide range of instrumental techniques used in specialty gas analysis, including ICP-MS Analysis, FTIR techniques, new online sensor technologies, moisture analysis, gas chromatographic considerations, and gas mixtures and standards. The book also provides measurement strategies for gases in which none currently exist. Finally the book covers a wide range of practical applications of gas analysis including advantages, problems, and pitfalls.

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