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Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity

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Robert Kushner
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Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity provides practical,accessible and expert advice on the clinical diagnosis andmanagement of obesity and will be your perfect go-to tool in themanagement of your patients.
Information is clear, didactic and attractively presented, withevery chapter containing plenty of engaging text features such askey points, pitfall boxes, management flowcharts and case studiesto enable a rapid
understanding of obesity diagnosis and management. Key clinicaltrials and major international society guidelines are referred tothroughout.

Topics covered include:
* Assessment of the patient, including patient history,examination and investigations
* Patterns, risks and benefits of weight loss
* Evaluation of management options: diet, exercise, drugs,psychological treatments, and surgery
* Management of obesity related co-morbidities

Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity is ideal reading forendocrinologists of all levels, as well as all other healthprofessionals who manage obese patients such as specialist nurses,dieticians, and GP's with an interest in obesitymanagement.
Preface, vii

Part 1 The Biology of Obesity--Why It Occurs,1
Victor Lawrence, Section Editor

1 Energy Balance and Body Weight Homeostasis, 3

2 The Genetic Basis of Obesity, 13

3 Adipocyte Biology, 25

4 Fetal and Infant Origins of Obesity, 33

5 Metabolic Fuels and Obesity, 41

Part 2 Clinical Management of the Obese Individual,51
Robert Kushner, Section Editor

6 Practical Guide to Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning,53

7 Stages of Obesity and Weight Maintenance, 63

8 Dietary Management, 71

9 Physical Activity and Exercise, 81

10 Behavior Therapy, 91

11 Pharmacotherapy, 99

12 Surgery, 109

Part 3 Clinical Management of Obesity-Related Co-morbidities,121
Sudhesh Kumar and Milan K. Piya, Section Editors

13 Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, 123

14 Obesity and Reproductive Health, 133

15 Gastro-intestinal and Hepatobiliary Disease, 141

16 Respiratory Disease, 149

17 Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease, 157

18 Obesity: Mental Health and Social Consequences, 167

19 Obesity and Musculo-skeletal Disease, 175

20 The Obese Patient in Hospital, 181

Conversion Table, 187

Index, 189
This accessible guide to obesity and its clinical management provides clear, didactic, clinically focused guidance for all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and management of patients with obesity, thus acting as a repository of essential practical knowledge. It is an ideal practical guide for registrars and residents in endocrinology and metabolic disease, as well as all other health professionals who regularly manage obese patients, such as specialist obesity and diabetes nurses, dietitians, and general practitioners with an interest in obesity management.

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