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Working with Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents

Discovering What Matters Most Through Evidence-Based, Sensory Interventions
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William Steele
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Praise for Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children andAdolescents
"This much-needed book effectively argues for the use ofstructured activities as the basis for exploring trauma-specificquestions in clinical work with traumatized children andadolescents. Numerous examples of children's artwork enhance thebook and illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment. Theauthors' methods have been used successfully for many years andrepresent a major contribution to the study of trauma that will bewelcomed by both students and seasoned practitioners."
--Nancy Boyd Webb, DSW, LICSW, RPT-S Professor of SocialWork Emerita, Fordham University, Author: Play Therapy WithChildren in Crisis

"The authors provide a clear theoretical framework anddemonstrate practical sensory-based activities so kids can discoverand reconnect with their bodies' agency and vitality. Refreshingly,this vehicle creates an emotionally safe journey for the child intothe mystery of the experiential, embedded in implicit memory. It'schock-full of invitations to explore self-impressions andworldviews in a way that children feel seen, not assessed."
--Peter A. Levine, PhD, and Maggie Kline, MS, LMFT, Coauthors:Trauma Through a Child's Eyes and Trauma-Proofing YourKids

A structured, sequential, and evidence-based approach for thetreatment of children and adolescents experiencing trauma orgrief

Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children andAdolescents features the Structured Sensory Interventions forTraumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents (SITCAP) interventionmodel, proven in successfully addressing violent situations such asmurder, domestic violence, and physical abuse, as well asnon-violent grief- and trauma-inducing situations includingdivorce, critical injuries, car fatalities, terminal illness, andenvironmental disasters.

Filled with practical and proven activities for use withchildren and adolescents experiencing trauma and grief, thisresource is based on the authors' experience working with all typesof traumatic events in school-, agency-, and community-basedprograms across the country.
Foreword xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

Chapter One How Structured, Sensory Interventions Help Grievingand Traumatized Children 1

Chapter Two Children's Experiences With Grief and Trauma21

Chapter Three Trauma-Informed Principles and Practices 45

Chapter Four Structured Drawing Activities 67

Chapter Five Curiosity and the Trauma Questioning Process 85

Chapter Six Meeting Children in Their World 103

Chapter Seven Incorporating SITCAP in Schools andCommunity-Based Organizations 123

Chapter Eight Interventions With Parents and Guardians 145

Chapter Nine Nurturing Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth171


A. What If? Questions 193

B. SITCAP Program Activity Examples 209

C. School Recovery Protocol 221

D. Resilience Resources for Teachers 227

About the Authors 229

References 231

Author Index 243

Subject Index 245
This book provides a structured, sequential, and evidence-based approach for treating children and adolescents who are experiencing trauma or grief. This approach can be used for all types of traumatic events and is suitable for both experienced and novice mental health professionals. Two of the interventions presented in the book—SITCAP-ART and I Feel Better Now—have proven useful in multiple settings with diverse cultures. This book reflects a resilience perspective and explores the factors that lead to and support resilience and recovery. Accessible and practical, this useful guide is filled with all the activities needed for individual sessions--packaged in an easily reproducible format.

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