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The Global Practice of Forensic Science

Forensic Science in Focus
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The Global Practice of Forensic Science presents histories,issues, patterns, and diversity in the applications ofinternational forensic science. Written by 64 experienced andinternationally recognized forensic scientists, the volumedocuments the practice of forensic science in 28 countries fromAfrica, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Eachcountry's chapter explores factors of political history,academic linkages, the influence of individual cases, facilitydevelopment, types of cases examined, integration within forensicscience, recruitment, training, funding, certification,accreditation, quality control, technology, disaster preparedness,legal issues, research and future directions. Aimed at allscholars interested in international forensic science, the volumeprovides detail on the diverse fields within forensic science andtheir applications around the world.
About the editor vii
List of contributors ix

Foreword by Daniel A. Martell xxvii

Series preface xxix

1 Introduction 1
Douglas H. Ubelaker

2 The practice of forensic sciences in Argentina 5
Luis Fondebrider & Luis Bosio

3 Australia 13
Stephen Cordner & Alastair Ross

4 Forensic sciences in Canada 29
Anny Sauvageau & Graham R. Jones

5 The Chilean Forensic Medical Service 39
Patricio Bustos Streeter & Marisol Intriago Leiva

6 Forensic science in Colombia 49
Andres Rodríguez Zorro & Aída ElenaConstantín

7 Forensic science in Denmark 67
Niels Lynnerup & Steen Holger Hansen

8 The practice of forensic science in Egypt: a story ofpioneering 73
Dina A. Shokry

9 The practice of forensic science in Estonia 83
Marika Väli, Üllar Lanno & Ivar Prits

10 History and current status of forensic science and medicinein Finland 95
Erkki Sippola & Pekka Saukko

11 Forensic medicine in France 105
Bertrand Ludes

12 Forensic medicine in Germany 115
W. Eisenmenger & O. Peschel

13 Forensic science in Hong Kong 121
Sheilah Hamilton & Philip Beh

14 The practice of forensic science in Hungary 135
Eva Keller Peter Sótonyi & Agnes Dósa

15 Forensic science in India 147
P.K. Chattopadhyay

16 Forensic sciences in Italy 155
Cristina Cattaneo Antonio Grande & Luigi Ripani

17 History and current status of forensic science in Japan173
Hitoshi Maeda Takaki Ishikawa & Toshikazu Kondo

18 Forensic science in Korea 189
Heesun Chung Soong Deok Lee & Sikeun Lim

19 Forensic medicine in Libya 195
Fawzi Benomran

20 The practice of forensic science in Mexico 199
Mario Alva-Rodríguez & Rolando Neri-Vela

21 The Netherlands 217
Arian van Asten Wim Neuteboom Sijtze Wiersma & ZenoGeradts

22 History and current status of forensic science in Singapore231
George Paul & Paul Chui

23 The history and current status of forensic science in SouthAfrica 241
Herman Bernitz Michael Kenyhercz Burgert Kloppers ErickaNöelle L'Abbé Gérard Nicholas LabuschagneAntonel Olckers Jolandie Myburgh Gert Saayman Maryna Steyn &Kyra Stull

24 Forensic science practice in Spain 261
Angel Carracedo & Luis Concheiro

25 Legal medicine and forensic science in Switzerland 267
Patrice Mangin & Pierre Margot

26 Forensic medicine and sciences in Turkey 279
Mete Korkut Gulmen & Cengiz Haluk Ince

27 Forensic medicine in the United Arab Emirates 289
Fawzi Benomran

28 Forensic science practice in the United States 301
Joseph Peterson & Matthew Hickman

29 Legal medicine and forensic science in Uruguay 335
Hugo Rodríguez Almada

30 Conclusions: global common themes and variations 351
Douglas H. Ubelaker

Index 361
Editiert von: Douglas H. Ubelaker
Douglas H. Ubelakeris Senior Scientist specializing in forensic anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. He served as the 2011-2012 President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and has published extensively in the general field of human skeletal biology with an emphasis on forensic applications.

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