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Autor: Terry Eagleton
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The English Novel

An Introduction
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Written by one of the world's leading literary theorists,this book provides a wide-ranging, accessible and humorousintroduction to the English novel from Daniel Defoe to the presentday.
* * Covers the works of major authors, including Daniel Defoe,Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, Laurence Sterne, Walter Scott,Jane Austen, the Brontës, Charles Dickens, George Eliot,Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, D.H.Lawrence and James Joyce.

* Distils the essentials of the theory of the novel.

* Follows the model of Eagleton's hugely popularLiterary Theory: An Introduction (Second Edition,1996).

1. What is a Novel?.

2. Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift.

3. Henry Fielding and Samuel Richardson.

4. Laurence Sterne.

5. Walter Scott and Jane Austen.

6. The Brontës.

7. Charles Dickens.

8. George Eliot.

9. Thomas Hardy.

10. Henry James.

11. Joseph Conrad.

12. D.H. Lawrence.

13. James Joyce.

14. Virginia Woolf.

Postcript: After the Wake.


Rezension"Eagleton's presentation of the history of the novel is admirably clear and almost entirely free of the disfiguring jargon so relied upon by theorists and bamboozlers."
The Irish Independentà

"Eagleton, almost alone among academic literary critics of his generation, has never been afraid of asking big questions about big things. In The English Novel: An Introduction he takes aim at a very large target indeed. Being Eagleton (the most articulately and discriminately ideological critic of our time) he does, of course, do much more than merely 'introduce'. He makes sense of the English novel."
John Sutherland, Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature, UCL

Autor: Terry Eagleton
Terry Eagletonis Professor of Cultural Theory and John Rylands Fellow at the University of Manchester. His recent publications includeSweet Violence: The Idea of the Tragic(2003),The Idea of Culture(2000),Scholars and Rebels in Nineteenth-Century Ireland(1999),Literary Theory: An Introduction(Second Edition, 1996) andThe Illusions of Postmodernism(1996), all published by Blackwell Publishing.

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Autor: Terry Eagleton
ISBN-13:: 9781118724927
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 376
Sprache: Englisch
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