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Autor: Till Schummer
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Patterns for Computer-Mediated Interaction

Wiley Series in Software Design Patterns
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Written by well-respected experts, this how-to guide provides patterns for the design of human computer human interaction (HCHI). An increasing number of applications are currently designed for use by more than one user, eg: multi-player games, interactive web sites, mobile phones, collaborative learning systems, interactive workspaces and smart environments. In these areas there is a shift from (HCI) human computer interaction to (HCHI) human computer human interaction. The role of patterns in this movement is twofold: 1st - patterns focus on the human user of the system; 2nd - patterns assist developers in the development process of groupware applications.
Autor: Till Schummer, Stephan Lukosch
Till Schummer:His PhD thesis focused on Design Patterns for group formation and maintenance. Since March 2002 Member of the scientific staff at the Distributed Systems Division at the Fern Universitat in Hagen. Interests cover: distributed systems, operating systems, CSCW (computer supported collaborative work), and distributed software development.

Stephan Lukosch:During his graduation he developed a platform called DreamObjects. DreamObjects simplifies the development and management of shared data objects that are necessary to enable collaboration among distributed users. DreamObjects is an extension of DreamTeam, which is a platform for the development of synchronous, collaborative applications. Since August 2003, Assistant Professor for Distributed systems for cooperative working/learning environments at the University of Hagen.

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Autor: Till Schummer
ISBN-13:: 9781118725719
ISBN: 1118725719
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 600
Sprache: Englisch
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