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Autor: Jane Mellanby
ISBN-13: 9781118728079
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Education and Learning

An Evidence-based Approach
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Education and Learning offers an accessible introduction to the most recent evidence-based research into teaching, learning, and our education system.* Presents a wide range references for both seminal and contemporary research into learning and teaching
* Examines the evidence around topical issues such as the impact of Academies and Free Schools on student attainment and the strong international performance of other countries
* Looks at evidence-based differences in the attainment of students from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, and explores the strong international performance of Finnish and East Asian students
* Provides accessible explanations of key studies that are supplemented with real-life case examples
Acknowledgements ix

Preface xi

1 Introduction: What Can We Learn from the History of Education? 1

2 Memory: How Do We Remember What We Learn? 18

3 Language: What Determines Our Acquisition of First and Second Languages? 50

4 Reading: How Do We Learn to Read and Why Is It Sometimes so Difficult? 81

5 Intelligence and Ability: How Does Our Understanding of These Affect How We Teach? 109

6 Sex Differences: Do They Matter in Education? 142

7 Metacognition: Can We Teach People How to Learn? 173

8 Academic Selection: Do We Need to Do It and Can We Make It Fair? 207

9 Creativity: What Is It, and How and Why Should We Nurture It? 239

10 Education Policy: How Evidence Based Is It? 276

11 Comparative Education: What Lessons Can We Learn from Other Countries? 309

12 Life-long Learning: How Can We Teach Old Dogs New Tricks? 348

13 Technology: How Is It Shaping a Modern Education and Is It Also Shaping Young Minds? 374

14 Conclusions: What Does the Future Hold for Education? 403

Index 406
Autor: Jane Mellanby, Katy Theobald

Jane Mellanbyis Emeritus Fellow in Experimental Psychology at St Hildas College, University of Oxford. She is the creator of VESPARCH, a verbal and spatial reasoning test designed to identify children who are under-achieving relative to their potential.

Katy Theobaldis Associate Director for Research and Evaluation at a school leadership development charity. She was previously a public service delivery consultant. Katy has experience teaching mathematics in both the UK and India, and her research includes exploration of the impact of careers guidance on secondary school students educational progression.

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Autor: Jane Mellanby
ISBN-13:: 9781118728079
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 440
Sprache: Englisch
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