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Autor: Scott Paczosa
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Selling Professional and Financial Services Handbook

Wiley Finance Editions
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An effective strategic framework for successful face-to-faceselling for financial services industry professionals
Times are very tough for people who sell professional services andSelling Professional and Financial Services Handbook offersa new solution proven in practice. The book describes methodsthe authors have used and taught since the 1990s, most recently ata major consulting firm, where they led a Global BusinessDevelopment team to revenue gains of 500% over six years -- ina period that included the recession of 2008-10.

The solution is not any new twist on face-to-face sellingtechniques or the art of persuasion. It's a strategicapproach built around a simple fact: the markets are tightbut far from static. Even with lean budgets, client companies mustrespond to urgent changes and emerging threats in their industries.Thus they will buy services from the sellers who can help themdetect, understand, and cope with what's coming theirway.

This handbook outlines a systematic way of becoming such avalued resource. Readers learn to scan the horizon for earlysigns of "rock-ripple events." Major changes in thebusiness world often spring from new developments that are littlenoted or heeded, at first, by the client companies soon to beaffected by them. But like a rock dropped in a pond, theseevents set off ripples that sweep through entire industry sectors,creating must-have service needs.

The book is written for everyone who sells, or is responsiblefor selling, professional services. This includes but is notlimited to: law firms, consulting firms, finance industry, publicrelations, engineering, and architectural services.

Readers who can benefit from the dynamic approach hold avariety of positions. They include:
* Attorneys, consultants and other practitioners who must selltheir services as well as execute.
* CEOs, equity partners, practice-area leaders, functional anddivisional leaders
* Private Equity or Venture Capital executives
* Sales or business-development professionals, from entry levelto senior level
* Sales and marketing managers

But the book is for sellers in every category who need anew and better approach to selling. Many, even the mostskilled, simply have not adjusted to the new normal oftoday's economy. They persist with old strategies that cannotbe as productive as they once were, such as pursuing one-offopportunities (which are too few and too hard to win in lean times)or old-style "relationship selling" (which gains littleif any traction). Selling Professional and FinancialServices Handbook gives all such readers a new strategicframework within which to apply their face-to-face sellingskills. It is an approach that puts them in position to win-- so they can sell from ahead of the game, instead ofstruggling to keep up with it.
Autor: Scott Paczosa, Chuck Peruchini

Scott Paczosais a Managing Director in the Chicago office of Navigant Consulting, Inc., with a global leadership role in strategic initiatives, identifying emerging issues and developing strategic responses to breaking market developments. Mr. Paczosa has spent over twenty years coordinating a wide array of services to clients from Fortune 10 corporations to law firms, and across numerous industries including banking and finance, healthcare and pharma, energy, insurance, steel, and transportation. These services have included investigative and litigation services, expert witness testimony, restructuring, valuation, strategy, M&A, performance improvement, due diligence, compliance, and innovative risk-reduction. He frequently works with corporate executives and attorneys from leading law firms to develop innovative solutions for complex issues, both in domestic and international markets. Mr. Paczosa has been intimately involved in developing the firm's approach to assisting clients impacted by the turmoil of the credit crisis. Mr. Paczosa has also been heavily involved in the data breach, healthcare, antitrust, white-collar, mortgage servicing, securities initiatives, and key account program to name a few.

Chuck Peruchiniis a Managing Director in the Chicago office of Navigant Consulting, Inc. He has sixteen years of experience providing clients with a range of financial advisory services, such as litigation support, valuation, restructuring, and investment banking services. At Navigant, Mr. Peruchini is focused on developing innovative strategic initiatives. Working with practitioners across the firm, he applies the strategies depicted in this book to translate emerging issues into innovative solutions for clients' most pressing needs. Mr. Peruchini is an inaugural inductee into Navigant's Client Service Hall of Fame.

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Autor: Scott Paczosa
ISBN-13:: 9781118728444
ISBN: 1118728440
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 192
Sprache: Englisch
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