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Autor: Jeffrey Koperski
ISBN-13: 9781118932773
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Sprache: Englisch
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The Physics of Theism

God, Physics, and the Philosophy of Science
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The Physics of Theism provides a timely, critical analysis of the ways in which physics intertwines with religion. Koperski brings clarity to a range of arguments including the fine-tuning argument, naturalism, the laws of nature, and the controversy over Intelligent Design.* A single author text providing unprecedented scope and depth of analysis of key issues within the Philosophy of Religion and the Philosophy of Science
* Critically analyses the ways in which physics is brought into play in matters of religion
* Self-contained chapters allow readers to directly access specific areas of interest
* The area is one of considerable interest, and this book is a timely and well-conceived contribution to these debates
* Written by an accomplished scholar working in the philosophy of physics in a style that renders complex arguments accessible
Introduction 1

I.1 Maps 1

I.2 Cosmology: Singularity and Creation 2

I.3 Overview 5

1 Science and Religion: Some Preliminaries 11

1.1 Conventional Wisdom 11

1.2 History 12

1.3 The Structure of Science 25

1.4 The Relation between Science and Religion 32

2 Fine-Tuning and Cosmology 58

2.1 What Is Fine-Tuning? 58

2.2 Examples 59

2.3 No Explanation Needed 66

2.4 Naturalistic Explanations 82

3 Relativity, Time, and Free Will 102

3.1 Physics and Freedom 102

3.2 STR and the Nature of Time 104

3.3 Contra the Block Universe 117

3.4 Two Suggestions from the Philosophy of Science 134

4 Divine Action and the Laws of Nature 146

4.1 Divine Intervention(?) 146

4.2 The Problems with Intervention 148

4.3 The Nature of the Laws of Nature 156

4.4 Noninterventionist Divine Action 159

4.5 QD: Pro and Con 165

4.6 Noninterventionism: Goring the Sacred Cow 177

4.7 Intervention and Determinism 182

5 Naturalisms and Design 197

5.1 Science, Myths, and Legends 197

5.2 Intelligent Design 198

5.3 It's Not Science 201

5.4 Faulty Demarcation 204

5.5 The Real Problems 214

5.6 A Last Word on Conservatism 219

6 Reduction and Emergence 225

6.1 Nothing but Atoms? 225

6.2 The Rise of Reductionism 226

6.3 Popping the Reductionist Bubble 228

6.4 Emergence 233

6.5 Problems and Puzzles 235

6.6 Physics, Causes, and Levels 238

6.7 Theology and Emergence 242

7 The Philosophy of Science Tool Chest 246

7.1 Tools 246

7.2 Realism and Truth 247

7.3 Antirealism 249

7.4 Realism and Religion 257

7.5 Models 259

7.6 Faith, Reason, and Trust 262

7.7 Anomalies and Mystery 266

Index 275
Autor: Jeffrey Koperski

Jeffrey Koperskiis Professor of philosophy at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan. While his early work in the philosophy of science focused on chaos theory, he has more recently moved into issues at the intersection of the philosophy of science and the philosophy of religion. He is an editorial board member forPhilosophy Compassand has published articles inPhilosophy of Science, theBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science, andZygon, among others.

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Autor: Jeffrey Koperski
ISBN-13:: 9781118932773
ISBN: 1118932773
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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