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Principles of Veterinary Parasitology

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Dennis Jacobs
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Principles of Veterinary Parasitology is a student-friendly introduction to veterinary parasitology. Written primarily to meet the immediate needs of veterinary students, this textbook outlines the essential parasitological knowledge needed to underpin clinical practice. Conceptual relationships between parasitic organisms, their biology and the diseases they cause are clearly illustrated. Help boxes and practical tips are included throughout alongside a wealth of colour photographs, drawings and life-cycle diagrams. Organised taxonomically with additional host-orientated chapters and focussing on parasites that commonly cause animal or zoonotic disease, welfare problems or economic losses, students worldwide will benefit from this straightforward and easy to comprehend introduction to veterinary parasitology.
Key features include:
* An easy to navigate textbook, providing information essential for clinical studies
* Full colour throughout, with photographs, diagrams, life-cycles and help boxes for visual learners
* A companion website including a pronunciation guide, self-assessment questions and further reading lists
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About the companion website

1 Veterinary Parasitology: basic concepts

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Parasitism and parasites

1.3 Host-parasite interactions

1.4 Parasitic disease

1.5 Diagnostic techniques

1.6 Treatment and control

2 Arthropods part 1: introduction and insects

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Insects

3 Arthropods part 2: ticks, mites and ectoparasiticides

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Ticks

3.3 Mange mites

3.4 Other arthropods

3.5 Ectoparasiticides

4 Protozoa (single-celled parasites)

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Key concepts

4.3 Ciliates

4.4 Amoebae

4.5 Flagellates

4.6 Coccidia

4.7 Tissue cyst-forming coccidia

4.8 Blood-borne apicomplexans

4.9 Cryptosporidia

4.10 Antiprotozoal drugs

5 Platyhelminthes ('flatworms')

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Cestodes

5.3 Cyclophyllidean tapeworms

5.4 Pseudophyllidean tapeworms

5.5 Cestocidal drugs

5.6 Trematodes

5.7 Flukicidal drugs

6 Nematoda ('roundworms') part 1: concepts and bursate nematodes

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Key concepts

6.3 Bursate nematodes

7 Nematoda ('roundworms') part 2: nonbursate nematodes and anthelmintics

7.1 Nonbursate nematodes

7.2 Other parasitic worms

7.3 Anthelmintics

8 Clinical parasitology: farm animals

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Ruminants

8.3 Pigs (swine)

8.4 Poultry

9 Clinical parasitology: companion animals and veterinary public health

9.1 Equine parasitology

9.2 Small animal parasitology

9.3 Veterinary public health



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