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The Dream Cafe

Lessons in the Art of Radical Innovation
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Duncan Bruce
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Get out of the office and dream!
To keep your brand innovative you need to feed your creative spiritand the office is not the place to do that. So get out,disrupt and reimagine the status quo, get into a café anddream.

Recreating the convivial, collaborative, creative world of theavant-garde the guys at The Dream Café have developed a fresh,new approach which is being used by major brands and businesses togreat success. They create actual Dream Café locations -settings which encourage freedom of thought and collaboration.Explaining how space and process can be harnessed to produce thekind of unanticipated multicultural and interdisciplinaryencounters that lead to unpredictable outcomes.

Now, for the first time, the innovation consultants at The DreamCafé have made their model and methods available to us all inthis exciting new book.
* Focuses on the urgent need to enable major brand businesses toformulate, refine, and deliver the big brand idea that will disruptand redefine the market
* Shows how to innovate and stand out by embracing risk andinnovation
* Equal parts inspiration and practical implementation
* The concept covered is currently being used extensively bymajor global brands and companies
Preface vii

A: Avant-Garde 1

B: Belligerence 11

C: Chaos 21

D: Dreaming 27

E: Experimentation 35

F: Fusion 47

G: Gut Reaction 55

H: Habitat 65

I: Imagination 77

J: Jest 83

K: Kinetic 91

L: Love 101

M: Multi-Sensory 113

N: Noticing 125

O: Organic 133

P: Prediction 145

Q: Questions 157

R: Risk 167

S: Synergy 177

T: Tripping 187

U: Understanding 197

V: Verification 209

W: Wonder 219

X: X-Rated 227

Y: Yearning 237

Z: Zeitgeist 245

Conclusions 253

Endnotes 263

Index 265

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