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Good Risks

Discovering the Secrets to ORIX's 50 Years of Success
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David W. Russell
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Get inside Japan's invisible behemoth to see the future ofglobal business
Good Risks is a fascinating insight into ORIX, a globalgiant whose business empire straddles the world, but which hasmanaged to remain out of the media spotlight for half a century.Award winning author David Russell explains how this Japanesecompany has transcended its national identity to become a globalplayer, and what that means for everyone else. In a series ofone-on-one interviews with senior executives at ORIX companiesaround the world, readers gain a firsthand glimpse of the innerworkings of this "invisible" corporate group that controls hundredsof billions of dollars. Interviews with the company President andChairman in Tokyo provide rare insight into the thought leaders atthe highest levels, and a contribution by the Chairman himselfdiscusses the hard realities of globalization and the keys tosuccess in the coming decade.

The key concept that is lost in the Japan vs. China vs. US vs.EU battle is that the business landscape has changed drastically,making national boundaries anachronistic. Companies such as IBM,Disney, Apple, and Microsoft long ago stopped being "American"firms; they are global competitors that take advantage of theirdeep knowledge of the US markets, but have no special allegiance tothe United States. This book argues that this is the future of alllarge-scale business, as already exemplified by ORIX.
* Learn how one executive steered ORIX's meteoric rise from anunknown start-up to an unseen global giant
* Explore the coming realities of the global business scene
* Discover why HQ location will be little more than historicalaccident
* See how ORIX impacts the Chinese, Indian, and American firmsthat follow its lead

The business scene unfolding today is not "international" or"multinational", but an increasingly unified, global battleground.The rise of ORIX charts the future of business, and GoodRisks provides the details and insights business leaders needto anticipate tomorrow's changes.
Acknowledgments ix

About the Author xi

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: New York, the Money Center 11

A Trusted Advisor 13

A Professional Money Manager 20

Chapter 2: Dallas, the Nerve Center 27

Orient Leasing and ORIX DNA 33

Millions Become Billions 40

A Bicultural Banker as CEO 48

Chapter 3: Dublin, the Flight Center 59

Corporate Culture 65

What Makes Us Special 71

Chapter 4: Sydney, Plus Thoughts on India 81

India: Challenges and Rewards 86

Chapter 5: Singapore, the Gateway to Asia 91

Asian Markets Today and Tomorrow 98

Chapter 6: Tokyo, the Global HQ 101

Coming Home to Japan 102

Inside Story 107

Chapter 7: Getting the Background 113

American Seeds, Japanese Soil 119

Why Can't We Do This Overseas? 123

Chapter 8: ORIX Hits a Home Run 127

Quality in Services = Equality at Home 129

Chapter 9: China, a Learning Experience 135

The Chinese Ex?]Bureaucrat 136

The Japanese Ex?]Manager 140

The Real China Story 143

Chapter 10: The President on Strategy 147

Finding a Comfort Zone 149

China: No One to Blame but Ourselves 151

Korea: Diff erent Challenges 154

The Business of Energy 155

From Localization to Global Expansion 159

Chapter 11: Meeting the DNA 165

A Journey Above the Clouds 169

Hits and Misses 174

Today and Tomorrow 179

Chapter 12: Baseball Friends 185

Epilogue 193

Two Quibbles about This Book 194

What Is the ORIX Way? 196

Index 199

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