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Duncan and Prasse's Veterinary Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Pathology
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Kenneth S. Latimer
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Now in full color throughout, Duncan and Prasse'sVeterinary Laboratory Medicine: Clinical Pathology, FifthEdition offers a comprehensive overview of hematology,hemostasis, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, cytology, and referenceintervals in a highly accessible outline format. With informationon all major domestic species, the text is designed for the readerto quickly find answers to clinical questions. Taking aproblem-solving approach to the interpretation of laboratory data,this book includes clinical cases to illustrate the concepts oflaboratory data interpretation, with tables and key words to aidreaders in locating and applying information.
The fifth edition has been fully revised to reflect the latestknowledge, diagnostic methods, and practices in veterinarylaboratory medicine. A companion website provides the imagesin PowerPoint and references linked to PubMed at Duncan and Prasse's Veterinary Laboratory Medicine isan excellent quick reference for practicing veterinarians,veterinary students, clinical interns and residents, and pathologyresidents.
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Chapter 1. Erythrocytes.

Chapter 2. Leukocytes.

Chapter 3. Hematopoietic Neoplasia.

Chapter 4. Hemostasis.

Chapter 5. Water, Electrolytes, and Acid Base.

Chapter 6. Proteins, Lipids, and Carbohydrates.

Chapter 7. Liver.

Chapter 8. Digestive System.

Chapter 9. Urinary System.

Chapter 10. Muscle.

Chapter 11. Endocrine System.

Chapter 12. Cytology.

Chapter 13. Generating and Interpreting Test Results: Test Validity, Quality Control, Reference Values, and Basic Epidemiology.

Case Studies.


Rezension"This text is comprehensive for the domesticated mammalian species, and provides an extremely valuable addition to the texts available for avian clinical pathology." (Veterinary Record, 25 February 2012)

"This is surely a book which will prove invaluable throughout your career." (Tomorrow's Vets, 1 January 2012)

"Links to a companion website provide full reference to all downloadable details in a highly recommended guide for any vet collection." (The Midwest Book Review, 1 November 2011)


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