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Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery

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Michael M. Pavletic
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Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery, Third Edition is a full-color atlas that maintains the surgical focus of earlier editions while now presenting essential information on basic principles of wound healing, wound management, and common wound complications. The new edition presents a wider variety of topics including skin fold disorders, urogenital surgery, new flap techniques, and an expanded chapter on facial reconstruction. It also features 40 new plate illustrations, new sections on bandage and splint techniques, and significant updates on wound healing physiology, equipment, and dressing materials.
Rezension"This Atlas would be a very useful addition to the general practitioner's library. Recent graduates will benefit from the theory regarding wound healing and complications and the many different methods of wound closure. The more advanced surgeon could use this book as a quick visual reference for more complicated techniques. I would recommend this text for any general practitioner wanting to expand surgical skills to include flaps or to improve closure techniques." (Australian Veterinary Journal, 1 March 2011)

"In the preface of this substantial book the author expresses his hope that readers will find it a "practical, informative and single-source reference for the surgical restoration of our small animal patients": he has, in my opinion, achieved his aim. I would recommend it without hesitation for those with a heavy surgical caseload (particularly surgical oncology) and for anyone who has a particular interest in wound management and reconstruction." (Veterinary Times, March 2011)

"The third edition of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery is a well-organized text that outlines the process of wound care from basic initial management to complicated reconstructive techniques. The addition of color pictures to the treatment of specific wound types is a welcome addition to previous editions of the text. The book is well written, and the color figures compliment the text well. Throughout the text, the author includes information boxes to emphasize important points and to add personal observations based on his experience. These information boxes add a personal feel and welcome procedural tips to the text that will help novice surgeons. Overall, the third edition of this book is a valuable addition as a reference for experienced surgeons as well as a guide for surgical residents and general practitioners interested in wound management and skin reconstruction." (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, December 2010)

"This book encapsulates the clincial acumen that Dr. Pavletic has derived from 35 years' experience in wound management and reconstructive surgery. There is a good reason why the previous edition of this book is a staple in most surgeons' libraries!" (Veterinary Record, January 2011)

"The book is written for a wide audience from students or technicians to general practitioners or surgeons. There is not a more credible authority than the author of this book. The pictures are outstanding, especially compared to the previous edition. This is an excellent boards review... as well as a good reference for my practice to plan appropriate wound care options or reconstructive techniques. This edition is in far greater detail than any other book that covers both soft and orthopedic surgery." (Doody's, July 2010)

"Now in a fully updated and expanded third edition, Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management & Reconstructive Surgery provides a key reference any practicing vet collection needs. A top pick, unparalleled in detail, scope and the latest coverage." (The Midwest Book Review, July 2010)


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