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Suicide Risk Management

A Manual for Health Professionals
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Sonia Chehil
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Suicide Risk Management: A Manual for Health Professionalsis a short, clearly written book that provides practical guidanceon how to manage the suicidal or potentially suicidal patient.Written by two expert teachers, the book has been used in coursesfor trainee psychiatrists and for health professionals throughoutthe world. Feedback from participants on these courses has informedrevision of the new edition. This book is of interest for allmental health professionals who come into contact with patients whopresent with suicide potential, i.e. all mental healthprofessionals, as well as general health professionals who areoften the first point of contact for a suicidal patient.
The book opens with a review of the epidemiology, risk factorsand associated aspects of suicide. It then presents two assessmenttools: The Tool for Assessment of Suicide Risk (TASR) providesinstruction on how to use it appropriately in the clinic. TheSuicide Risk Assessment Guide (SRAG) acts as a self-study programto asess clinical evaluation skills. Both tools were created foruse in the authors' own practice and are now successfullytaught to and used by health professionals around the world.Refined through actual experience, these proven tools help assessand evaluate patients with confidence.

Case vignettes allow the reader to practice using theinformation they have learned from the book.

Throughout the book, bulleted lists, tables and flowchartseffectively describe how to use the many factors to assess the riskof suicide in an individual patient.
Introduction, vii

Objectives, ix

1 The Importance of Suicide Awareness and Assessment, 1

2 Understanding Suicide Risk, 13

3 Suicide Risk Assessment, 56

4 Putting It All Together: Tool for Assessment of Suicide Risk(TASR), 88

5 Special Topics in Understanding and Evaluating Suicide Risk,94

6 Suicide Prevention, 110

7 Suicide Intervention, 115

8 Post-suicide Intervention: Caring for Survivors, 123

9 Care for the Carer: Death of a Patient by Suicide, 130

10 Clinical Vignettes for Group or Individual Study, 135

Appendix A Tool for Assessment of Suicide Risk (TASR), 140

Appendix B 6-ITEM Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale: KADS,142

Appendix C My Safety Plan, 144

Index, 147
This highly practical book explains how to identify and manage suicidal individuals and supports the health professional in assisting the patient to choose life rather than death.

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