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Case Studies in Applied Psychophysiology

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Treatments for Advances in Human Performance
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W. Alex Edmonds
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A thorough, readable primer for the practitioner and student,detailing case studies on the art and science of biofeedback andneurofeedback in practice.* Includes case-study examples focusing directly on improvinghuman performance in non-clinical populations utilizing biofeedbackand neurofeedback techniques
* Links theory and practice for scholars and practitioners in thefield
* Acknowledges both the art and science of utilizing these toolsfor performance-related gains in sports and artistic fields,presenting unique case studies detailing the variety of proceduresused
* Offers comprehensive coverage of key topics and procedures inan emerging field
Preface xi
W. Alex Edmonds and Gershon Tenenbaum

About the Editors and Contributing Authors xvii

Part I General Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Forwards1

1 The Use of General Biofeedback in the Pursuit of OptimalPerformance 3
Donald Moss and "Sue" Vietta Wilson

2 Performance Enhancement Applications of Neurofeedback 17
Siegfried Othmer and Susan F. Othmer

Part II Case Presentations 31

3 Case 1 - Bad Shot, Good Shot: Neurofeedback for WorldChampion or Developing Athlete 33
"Sue" Vietta E. Wilson and Lindsay Shaw

4 Case 2 - Imagery Assessment and Training with QEEG: WhatYou See Is Not All There Is 47
"Sue" Vietta E. Wilson and Lindsay Shaw

5 Case 3 - Simultaneous Alpha EEG Enhancing and Frontal'sMuscle EMG Decreasing: Biofeedback Training for Musical PeakPerformance 71
Olga M. Bazanova

6 Case 4 - The Golfer Who Couldn't Pass the Anxiety Test!94
D. Jane Arave

7 Case 5 - Biofeedback for Relaxation 110
Ronald Rosenthal

8 Case 6 - The Road to Olympic Medal 120
Boris Blumenstein and Iris Orbach

9 Case 7 - Biofeedback Training at Sea 134
Boris Blumenstein and Iris Orbach

10 Case 8 - I Thought I Was Relaxed: The Use of SEMGBiofeedback for Training Awareness and Control 144
Richard Harvey and Erik Peper

11 Case 9 - Psychophysiological Assessment and Biofeedbackduring Official Baseball Games: Procedures, Methodologies, Findingsand Critical Issues in Applied Sport Psychology 160
Roland A. Carlstedt

12 Case 10 - Performance Anxiety, Biofeedback and thePianist: Wind Instrument Players are not the only MusiciansAffected by Breathing 201
Tom D. Kennedy and W. Alex Edmonds

13 Case 11 - The 400-meter Sprinter Who Ran Too Fast!218
W. Alex Edmonds

14 Case 12 - Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery: ANeurofeedback-integrative Approach 232
Diane Roberts Stoler

Part III Certification, Equipment, and Future Directions247

15 Certification and Ethics in Applied Psychophysiology (90876)249
Phillip A. Hughes and Fred Shaffer

16 Psychophysiology: Equipment in Research and Practice257
Derek T.Y. Mann and Chris M. Janelle

17 Future Directions in Applied Psychophysiology: Skills NotPills 275
Richard Harvey and Erik Peper

Index 293
RezensionUS LIST (SENT VIA PUB ASST 1/31/2012)

Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (A)
Biofeedback Magazine (A)
American Journal of Psychology
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
American Psychologist
International Journal of Psychology
Contemporary Psychology

Journal of Sport and exercise Psychology (Author request)
Research Quarterly of Sport and Exercise (Author request)

*See websites of AASP, NASPSPA, ISSP and send a message to the President and MC of these organizations

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