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Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood

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Aspasia Stephanou
Palgrave Gothic
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Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood examines the manifestations of blood and vampires in various texts and contexts. It seeks to connect, through blood, fictional to real-life vampires to trace similarities, differences and discontinuities. These movements will be seen to parallel changing notions about embodiment and identity in culture.
1. A Matter of Life and Death: Transfusing Blood from a Supernatural Past to Scientific Modernity and Vampiric Technology 2. The Biopolitics of the Vampire Narrative: Vampire Epidemics, AIDS, and Bioterrorism 3. ''Tis My Heart, Be Sure, She Eats for Her Food': Female Consumptives and Female Consumers 4. 'Race as Biology is Fiction': The Bad Blood of the Vampire 5. 'The Sunset of Humankind is the Dawn of the Blood Harvest': Blood Banks, Synthetic Blood and Haemocommerce 6. 'Many People have Vampires in their Blood': 'Real' Vampire Communities Conclusion: The Blood of the Vampire: Globalisation, Resistance and the Sacred Bibliography Index
Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood examines the promiscuous circulations of blood in science and philosophy, vampire novels, films and vampire communities to draw a vascular map of the symbolic meanings of blood and its association with questions of identity and the body. Stephanou seeks to explain present-day biotechnologies, global neoliberal biopolitics and capitalism, feminine disease and monstrosity, race, and vampirism by looking to the past and analysing how blood was constituted historically. By tracing the transformations of blood symbols and metaphors, as they bleed from early modernity into the complex arterial networks of global and corporate culture, it is possible to open new veins of signification in the otherwise exhausted and dry landscape of vampire scholarship.

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