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Pathways to the US Supreme Court

From the Arena to the Monastery
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G. Nelson
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Pathways to the U.S. Supreme Court is a quantitative-historical recapitulation of the routes taken to the US Supreme Court by the 112 Justices who were confirmed by the Senate and served, and the 28 others whose candidacies for confirmation were defeated, withdrawn, or declined.
Introduction: Wither the Supreme Court 1. Building Supreme Courts 2. The Arena and the Monastery: Four Career Paths to the Supreme Court 3. Court Paths and Confirmation Patterns 4. From Consensus to Conflict, 1937-2010 5. How Courts Change 6. Presidential Court Changers Conclusion: Stormy Weather Ahead
As the arbiter of the Constitution, it is presumed that the US Supreme Court decrees "the law of the land" in a fair-minded and even-handed manner. Key decisions in the Court's history have challenged these assumptions, giving way to a greater discussion about how judges are chosen, and the ideological roots from which they rule. This book explores more than two centuries of Supreme Court justice selections, tracking the Court's change from a time when consensus choices were relatively evenly divided between political leaders from "the arena," and judges from "the monastery," to a recent era fraught with controversial presidential appointees to federal positions that have yielded ideologically-influenced administrations of law.

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