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Researching the Police in the 21st Century

International Lessons from the Field
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J. Gravelle
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This unique collection explores the importance of undertaking police research, using a range of international examples from USA, UK and Germany. Focusing on practical challenges and difficulties, the volume offers solutions and reflections to assist in overcoming the barriers which might be encountered whilst carrying out research of this nature.
Editor Preface About this Book 1. Research on Policing: Insights from the Literature; Garry Thomas, Colin Rogers and James Gravelle 2. Researching the Police-Zero Tolerance and Community Safety; Colin Rogers 3. Researching the Police: Personal Insights and Reflections; James Gravelle 4. Research Methodology, Methods and Design; Garry Thomas 5. Collaboration in Crime Prevention Partnerships: Research with a Multilevel Mixed Design; Bernhard Frevel 6. Researching Across Nations: The Anglo-American Experience; John Foust 7. Hard to Reach Groups; Amanda Milliner 8. Researching Vulnerable Children, a Munity-agency Perspective; Louise Skilling 9. Summary; Colin Rogers Appendix A1: Preamble – An Interpretation of the Brief Appendix A2: List of the Six Research Categories and Twenty-Nine Subject Sub-Categories
The unique position, power and privileges which various states and communities invest in police organisations makes policing a dynamic and sensitive area for research. The distinctive culture that exists within the police services makes the challenge of research greater, nevertheless offering commentators and researchers a rare opportunity to investigate and get close to these powerful institutions. This collection explores the importance of undertaking police research, focusing on the difficulties that may be encountered whilst carrying out research of this nature. Using real-life examples from around the world including the USA, UK and Germany, this volume takes a uniquely practical approach to police research, offering valuable solutions and reflections to assist police researchers and undergraduate and postgraduate students in overcoming the barriers which may be experienced whilst undertaking research and providing an essential guide for best practice in this field.

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