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Democratic Deliberation in Deeply Divided Societies:

From Conflict to Common Ground
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E. Ugarriza
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Through case-analysis and cross-sectional assessment of eleven countries this collection explores the most deeply divided societies in the world in order to highlight what deliberative democracy looks like in a deeply divided society and to understand the conditions that deliberative democracies could realistically emerge in difficult circumstances
1. Deliberation in Contexts of Conflict. An Introduction; Juan E. Ugarriza and Didier Caluwaerts PART I: OBSTACLES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR DELIBERATION IN DIVIDED SOCIETIES 2. Deliberative Democracy in Northern Ireland. Opportunities and Challenges for Consensus in a Consociational System; Katy Hayward 3. Deliberative Stress in Linguistically Divided Belgium; Didier Caluwaerts and Min Reuchamps 4. Deliberation and Democracy at the End of Armed Conflict. Post-Conflict Opportunities in the Basque Country; Sanjay Jeram and Daniele Conversi 5. The Citizens, the Politicians and the Courts: A Preliminary Assessment of Deliberative Capacity in Colombia; Margarita M. Orozco and Juan E. Ugarriza 6. Barriers to Inter-Group Deliberation in Divided Ukraine; Anastasiya Salnykova 7. Federalist Deliberative Democracy in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects; Olabanji Akinola 8. Manipulative Deliberation in Turkey: Alevis' Defective Political Engagement and Remedying Strategies; KivanÃ
Ulusoy 9. Language Policy and Inter-group Deliberation in Israel; Aviad Rubin 10. Experiences with Deliberation in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Sahar Aurore Saeidnia PART II: WHAT DOES A DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY LOOK LIKE IN A DIVIDED SOCIETY? 11. When Deliberation Remains out of Reach: The Role of Agonistic Engagement in Divided Societies; Sarah Maddison 12. Beating the Odds: Confrontational Deliberative Democracy; Didier Caluwaerts and Juan E. Ugarriza

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