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Democratic Deliberation in Deeply Divided Societies:

From Conflict to Common Ground
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E. Ugarriza
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Through case-analysis and cross-sectional assessment of eleven countries this collection explores the most deeply divided societies in the world in order to highlight what deliberative democracy looks like in a deeply divided society and to understand the conditions that deliberative democracies could realistically emerge in difficult circumstances
1. Deliberation in Contexts of Conflict. An Introduction; Juan E. Ugarriza and Didier Caluwaerts PART I: OBSTACLES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR DELIBERATION IN DIVIDED SOCIETIES 2. Deliberative Democracy in Northern Ireland. Opportunities and Challenges for Consensus in a Consociational System; Katy Hayward 3. Deliberative Stress in Linguistically Divided Belgium; Didier Caluwaerts and Min Reuchamps 4. Deliberation and Democracy at the End of Armed Conflict. Post-Conflict Opportunities in the Basque Country; Sanjay Jeram and Daniele Conversi 5. The Citizens, the Politicians and the Courts: A Preliminary Assessment of Deliberative Capacity in Colombia; Margarita M. Orozco and Juan E. Ugarriza 6. Barriers to Inter-Group Deliberation in Divided Ukraine; Anastasiya Salnykova 7. Federalist Deliberative Democracy in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects; Olabanji Akinola 8. Manipulative Deliberation in Turkey: Alevis' Defective Political Engagement and Remedying Strategies; Kivanç Ulusoy 9. Language Policy and Inter-group Deliberation in Israel; Aviad Rubin 10. Experiences with Deliberation in the Islamic Republic of Iran; Sahar Aurore Saeidnia PART II: WHAT DOES A DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY LOOK LIKE IN A DIVIDED SOCIETY? 11. When Deliberation Remains out of Reach: The Role of Agonistic Engagement in Divided Societies; Sarah Maddison 12. Beating the Odds: Confrontational Deliberative Democracy; Didier Caluwaerts and Juan E. Ugarriza
What does a deliberative democracy look like in a divided society? What obstacles and opportunities are there for the promotion of a deliberative democracy at the institutional and citizen levels? Through case-analysis and cross-sectional assessment of nine countries, this unique and important collection provides a detailed and insightful exploration into these problematic questions. A roll call of leading experts on deliberative democracy explores some of the most deeply divided societies in the world today, ranging from Northern Ireland to Nigeria and Belgium to the Basque Country, specifying conditions under which deliberative democracies could realistically emerge in unpropitious contexts. This collection is recommended reading for students and scholars of deliberative democracy and of politics in divided societies.

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