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Wage-Led Growth

An Equitable Strategy for Economic Recovery
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Engelbert Stockhammer
Advances in Labour Studies
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This volume seeks to go beyond the microeconomic view of wages as a cost having negative consequences on a given firm, to consider the positive macroeconomic dynamics associated with wages as a major component of aggregate demand.
Foreword; Sangheon Lee Introduction; Marc Lavoie and Engelbert Stockhammer 1. Wage-led Growth: Concept, Theories and Policies; Marc Lavoie and Engelbert Stockhammer 2. Why have Wage Shares Fallen? An Analysis of the Determinants of Functional Income Distribution; Engelbert Stockhammer 3. Is Aggregate Demand Wage-led or Profit-led? A Global Model; Özlem Onaran and Giorgos Galanis 4. Wage-led or Profit-led Supply: Wages, Productivity and Investment; Servaas Storm and C.W.M. Naastepad 5. The Role of Income Inequality as a Cause of the Great Recession and Global Imbalances; Simon Sturn and Till van Treeck 6. Financialisation, the Financial and Economic Crisis, and the Requirements and Potentials for Wage-led Recovery; Eckhard Hein and Matthias Mundt
Wage-Led Growth examines the causes and consequences associated with the falling wage share and rising inequality in income distribution, relating to both aggregate demand and labour productivity. It presents new empirical and econometric evidence regarding the economic causes and potential impact of changing income distribution. The volume also analyses the policy implications and strategies for a wage-led recovery that would alleviate the global problems associated with the rising household debt needed to sustain consumption expenditures and with new mercantilist policies based on wage moderation. In turn, it provides an overarching framework that will prove invaluable to present and future researchers and policy-makers.

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