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Responding to Sexual Offending

Perceptions, Risk Management and Public Protection
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K. McCartan
Palgrave Studies in Risk, Crime and Society
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This collection brings together international contributors from multiple disciplines to discuss the current public, social and governmental understandings and responses to sexual violence. Exploring issues such as how to manage sex offenders, the volume provides recommendations for how to reduce offending and improve community engagement.
Editor's Introduction 1. The Realities of Legislating Against and Protecting the Public From Risky Groups; Andrew Williams and Mike Nash 2. Community-Based Management of Sexual Offender Risk: Options and Opportunities; Robin Wilson and David Prescott 3. Female Sex Offenders: Gender, Risk and Risk Perception; Ian Elliott and Alexandra Bailey 4. New Technologies, 'Risk' and Sexual Offending; Ruth McAlister 5. Sex Offending and Sex Tourism: Problems, Policy and Challenges; Duncan McPhee 6. Sex Offender Treatment Programmes; Adam Carter 7. Understanding and Responding to Sexual Offenders with Challenging Behaviours; David Prescott and Robin Wilson 8. Risky Business? Supporting Desistance From Sexual Offending; Beth Weaver and Monica Barry 9. Tales from the Trenches: Zooming in on the Effects of Sex Offender Public Policy; Danielle Harris 10. Creativity and Rehabilitation: What Else Might Work in Changing Sex Offenders' Behaviour?; Charlotte Bilby 11. Managing Sex Offenders in the UK: Challenges for Policy and Practice; Hazel Kemshall and Kieran McCartan

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