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Pornography and Seriality

The Culture of Producing Pleasure
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S. Schaschek
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Repetition and seriality are inherent in pornography and is constitutive for its functionality as a film genre, an industry, and an area of gender studies. By linking the styles of the genre to processes of serial production, consumption, and discussion, Schaschek questions the dominant assumptions about pornography and the stability of the genre.
1. Seductive Seriality: The Genre of Pornography and its Affective Structure 2. Fucking Machines Or The Fantasy of Bodily Efficiency 3. The State of Open Being: Polyamorous Films and the Figure of the Slut 4. A Thousand Little Deaths: Episodes and 'Traumatized Narratives' 5. Nostalgia: Strategies of Imitation in Queer Pornography The Final Episode
Pornography is repetitious to a degree that is hard to find anywhere else in audiovisual culture. Characters, acts, and shots reappear endlessly in films and online clips. Why is this highly predictable material arousing at all? And why are its formulas at the same time detested? This study approaches pornography by exploring its most obvious feature: seriality. Schaschek argues that porn's repetitive formulas are constitutive for the genre as such. She shows that understanding its serial strategies is an important step towards understanding the fascination and frustration that derive from pornography - as a gender system, an industry, and, ultimately, a source of pleasure.

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