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Young People in Forensic Mental Health Settings

Psychological Thinking and Practice
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Joel Harvey
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Youth crime and youth violence blights our communities and shapes the lives of many, whether they are victims, perpetrators or family members. This book examines the application of psychological thinking and practice when working with young people who display high risk behaviours across a broad range of forensic mental health settings in the UK. It provides an up-to-date account of current thinking and practice in the field and the challenges of applying effective psychological approaches within forensic settings for young people. The contributors to Young People in Forensic Mental Health Settings are drawn from a range of environments including universities, youth offending services, secure in-patient settings, young offender institutions, Community Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (F-CAMHS), and secure children's homes. This volume serves as an important platform for debate and as a forum for discussing the future delivery of psychologically informed services, intervention and mental health provision with young people who display high-risk behaviours.
Foreword; James McGuire.- Chapter 1. Introduction; Andrew Rogers, Joel Harvey, Heather Law and Jenny Taylor.- Chapter 2. "Through My Eyes": A Young Person's Experience of Forensic Mental Health Settings; Lola-Rose Morris, Emma Jamieson and Rebecca Marshall.- Chapter 3. Psychological Practice in Community Settings; Simone Fox and Berit Ritchie.- Chapter 4. Psychological Practice in Secure Settings; Clare Snodgrass and Jackie Preston.- Chapter 5. Youth Violence Risk Assessment: A Framework for Practice; Lorraine Johnstone and Leanne Gregory.- Chapter 6. Whole Systems Approaches; Brigitte Squire, Tom Jefford and Cindy Swenson.- Chapter 7. Violence Among Young People: A Framework for Assessment and Intervention; Wendy Morgan.- Chapter 8. Sexually Harmful Behaviour; Trudy Potter and Sarah Reeves.- Chapter 9. Fire Setting in Adolescence; Abigail Willis.- Chapter 10. Self-harming Behaviour; Joel Harvey, Alison Sillence and Kirsty Smedley.- Chapter 11. Substance Misuse; Lisa Shostak and Ben Harper.- Chapter 12. Intellectual Disabilities; Charlotte Staniforth and Eve Griffin.- Chapter 13. Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Eve Griffin and Charlotte Staniforth.- Chapter 14. Young People's Self-Disclosure in Secure Forensic Settings; Joel Harvey and Luke Endersby.- Chapter 15. Developing Safe and Strong Foundations: The DART Framework; Andrew Rogers and Miranda Budd.

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