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Managing Africa's Natural Resources

Capacities for Development
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K. Hanson
International Political Economy Series
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The authors investigate well-known concerns in natural resource management in Africa while focusing on the capacity dimension of the problems. They examine dynamics of leadership, governance, criminality, structural transformation, as well as emerging issues such as green growth.
1. Toward a Coordinated Approach to Natural Resource Management in Africa; Kobena T. Hanson, Francis Y. Owusu and Cristina D'Alessandro 2. The Status of Natural Resource Management in Africa: Capacity Development Challenges and Opportunities; Joseph Ayee 3. Governance of Natural Resource Management in Africa: Contemporary Perpectives; Peter Arthur 4. Criminality in the Natural Resource Management Value/Supply Chain; Olawale Ismail and Jide Martyns Okeke 5. Structured Transformation and Natural Resources Management in Africa; William G. Moseley 6. Strategic Capacity-building Imperatives vital for Transboundary Water Cooperation in Africa; Claudious Chikozho 7. The Gas and Oil Sector in Ghana: The Role of Civil Society and the Capacity Needs for Effective Environmental Governance; Cristina D'Alessandro, Kobena T. Hanson and Francis Y. Owusu 8. The Capcity Question, Leadership and Strategic Choices: Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resources Management in Africa; Korbla P. Puplampu 9. Debating Critical Issues of Green Growth in Africa: Thinking Beyond Our Lifetimes; Abbi M. Kedir 10. Moving Africa Beyond the Resource Curse: Defining the 'Good Fit' Approach Imperative in Natural Resource Management and Identifying the Capacity Needs; Francis Y. Owusu, Cristina D'Alessandro and Kobena T. Hanson ?

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