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3D Printing for Development in the Global South

The 3D4D Challenge
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T. Birtchnell
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Birtchnell and Hoyle explore how printers, designs, materials and infrastructures all need to be 'just right' in order for meaningful social change to happen with appropriate scale. The 3D4D Challenge suggests 3D printing could reach scale in the Global South, even perhaps having the same impact as the mobile phone or microfinance in development.
Introduction 3DP in the Developing World Development at the Press of a Button Disruptive Innovations The 3DP Ecosystem The Argument of 3D4D 1. The 3D4D Challenge Beginnings Spreading the Word Building Momentum and Ideas The Competition The Final and the Fallout 2. What is 3D Printing? Wealth Without Money 3D Printing Evangelism The Next Spinning Jenny The Next Print Revolution The 3D4D Goldilocks Zone Benchmarking 3DP 3. What Does 3D Printing Change? How the Other Half Makes The Division of Labour Global Production Networks Post-Fordism Prosumerism First World Problems 4. What Does 3D Printing Change About Development? Top-Down Development The Inclusivity Challenge Bottom-Up Grassroots Innovation A 3D4D Wishlist 5. The 3D4D Elements Scoping 3D4D Community Printers Open Repositories Recycled Materials 3DP Infrastructure 6. 3D4D Indicators and Forerunners The 3DP 'Go-To-Guy' Turning Grit into Gold Demystifying Design Rabodé: Making it Work From Landfill to Filament 3DP Dreams Conclusion

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