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Education and Social Change in Latin America

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S. Motta
Marxism and Education
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This book examines the multiple relationships between education, pedagogy, and social change in Latin America and beyond through a discussion of critical theory in education and its uses in Latin American society today. An international group of contributors discuss both individual countries and the region as a whole.
Introduction: Exploring the Role of Education and the Pedagogical in Pathways to Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America; Sara C Motta PART I: ON THE PHILOSOPHIES, THEORIES, AND HISTORIES OF EMANCIPATORY EDUCATION IN LATIN AMERICA 1. Naming the World: Situating Freirean Pedagogics in the Philosophical Problematic of Nuestra América; Jon L. Mansell 2. Marxism and Popular Education in Latin America; Liam Kane 3. On the Pedagogical Turn in Latin American Social Movements; Sara C Motta PART II: EDUCATION STRUGGLES AND/IN LEFT GOVERNMENTS 4. Nicaragua: Deprivatizing Education, the Citizen Power Development Model, and the Construction of Twenty-First Century Socialism; Thomas Muhr 5. A Critical Theoretical Perspective on Education and Social Change in Bolivia – A Contested Alternative Pedagogy; Mieke Lopes Cardozo 6. Epistemic Independence Struggles: A Comparative Analysis of Two Indigenous Universities in Peru and Ecuador; Lenin Arturo Valencia Arroyo 7. Education for the Creation of a New Venezuela; Francisco Dominguez 8. Hugo Chávez, Social Democracy and Twenty-First-Century Socialism in Venezuela: An Alternative to the Neoliberal Model; Mike Cole INTERLUDE: Some, Our Leaves of Fall; Angela Martinez Dy PART III: EDUCATION AND PEDAGOGY FROM BELOW 9. Movement Methodologies and Transforming Urban Space; Jennifer L. Martinez 10. Which Education for Which Democracy?: The Case of the Penguins' Revolution in Chile; Ivette Hernandez 11. Experiential and Relational Dimensions in the Pedagogical Practice of Solidarity Economy: Insights from Brazil; Ana Margarida Esteves 12. Colombia: Education and Gender in Context; Glory Rigueros Saavedra 13. Cali's Women in Collective Crossing through Three Worlds: Popular Education, Feminisms, and Nonviolence for the Expansion of the Present, Memory and Nurturing of Life; Norma Lucía Bermúdez Conclusion: The Current Crisis in Capitalism and the Role of Education; Mike Cole

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