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Education and Social Change in Latin America

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S. Motta
Marxism and Education
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This book examines the multiple relationships between education, pedagogy, and social change in Latin America and beyond through a discussion of critical theory in education and its uses in Latin American society today. An international group of contributors discuss both individual countries and the region as a whole.
Introduction: Exploring the Role of Education and the Pedagogical in Pathways to Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America; Sara C Motta PART I: ON THE PHILOSOPHIES, THEORIES, AND HISTORIES OF EMANCIPATORY EDUCATION IN LATIN AMERICA 1. Naming the World: Situating Freirean Pedagogics in the Philosophical Problematic of Nuestra América; Jon L. Mansell 2. Marxism and Popular Education in Latin America; Liam Kane 3. On the Pedagogical Turn in Latin American Social Movements; Sara C Motta PART II: EDUCATION STRUGGLES AND/IN LEFT GOVERNMENTS 4. Nicaragua: Deprivatizing Education, the Citizen Power Development Model, and the Construction of Twenty-First Century Socialism; Thomas Muhr 5. A Critical Theoretical Perspective on Education and Social Change in Bolivia – A Contested Alternative Pedagogy; Mieke Lopes Cardozo 6. Epistemic Independence Struggles: A Comparative Analysis of Two Indigenous Universities in Peru and Ecuador; Lenin Arturo Valencia Arroyo 7. Education for the Creation of a New Venezuela; Francisco Dominguez 8. Hugo Chávez, Social Democracy and Twenty-First-Century Socialism in Venezuela: An Alternative to the Neoliberal Model; Mike Cole INTERLUDE: Some, Our Leaves of Fall; Angela Martinez Dy PART III: EDUCATION AND PEDAGOGY FROM BELOW 9. Movement Methodologies and Transforming Urban Space; Jennifer L. Martinez 10. Which Education for Which Democracy?: The Case of the Penguins' Revolution in Chile; Ivette Hernandez 11. Experiential and Relational Dimensions in the Pedagogical Practice of Solidarity Economy: Insights from Brazil; Ana Margarida Esteves 12. Colombia: Education and Gender in Context; Glory Rigueros Saavedra 13. Cali's Women in Collective Crossing through Three Worlds: Popular Education, Feminisms, and Nonviolence for the Expansion of the Present, Memory and Nurturing of Life; Norma Lucía Bermúdez Conclusion: The Current Crisis in Capitalism and the Role of Education; Mike Cole
This book examines the multiple relationships between education, pedagogy, and social change in Latin America and beyond. Marrying a thorough discussion of the theories of such thinkers as Paulo Freire, Antonio Gramsci, and Henri Lefebvre with analysis of how their work can be usefully applied to think about education and society in modern Latin America, this book shows how educational institutions in Latin American can be and are being transformed. With contributions on numerous countries as well as the region as a whole from scholars who are committed to social change, Education and Social Change in Latin America is both a guide to understanding the politics of knowledge in Latin America today and a road map for how we might continue to transform them.

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