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The Empowered Investor

7 Principles for Strategic Wealth Creation in a New Financial World
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C. Puempin
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Take control of your investment decisionsThe investment industry is in a state of inertia. Recent events highlight an overreliance on mathematical foundations and flawed investment models. Investors need to find new paths to effective wealth creation.The Empowered Investor provides a proven framework for wealth creation. Built around 7 key principles and practical real-world examples, the book provides insight into the limitations of traditional investment concepts, and illustrates how investors can take control of their investments. Instead of relying on often flawed financial advice, investors need to develop their own investment approach, drawing on their unique skill sets and experiences. This book:-Presents a practical strategy for wealth creation, based on practical experience and sound theoretical foundation;-Provides real world cases and excerpts from interviews with highly successful investors;-Demonstrates how investors can build on their core strengths, exploit opportunities and differentiate their investments; -Illustrates how to protect a portfolio from threats and risksThis book will help you:-Build on your core strengths;-Identify and make the most of new opportunities;-Cultivate quality networks;-Differentiate your investments;-Protect yourself against threats and risks;-Understand and manage the time dimension;-Execute with efficiency.Written in a practical and straightforward manner, The Empowered Investor provides a robust strategic toolkit for investors, bringing the individual to the core of the investment strategy and creating new opportunities for wealth creation.
PART I: FROM BROKEN INVESTMENT MODELS TO SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIC INVESTING FRAMEWORK1. Perils of the Misguided Investor2. Why Traditional Investment Models Don't Work 3: Putting the Investor Back at the Core of Investment Strategy 4. The Essence of Strategy 5. The Empowered Investor: A New Paradigm of InvestingPART II: HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIC INVESTOR6. Two Paths to Your Investment Strategy 7. What Should an Effective Investment Strategy Contain? 8. How to Develop a Strategy for Wealth Creation 9. Putting Everything Together

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