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Autor: Wendell A. Yitis
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Tale of Two Dogs: The Rhadmanthy Gambit

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The religious faction of the GOP reacts to a deadly threat by transforming the party into a religious one. Starting with Georgia, they institute predator and community safety laws based upon church membership with the pastor assuming oversight of his flock. This involves housing, jobs, medical matters and pensions; he has total control. All residents not church affiliated are controlled and the Supreme Court rules that internal state laws are sacrosanct; thus other states enact similar laws. The result is that lobbyist money and business pandering is no longer necessary and the economy goes completely local meaning that out of state ownership ends, money stays local and there is a total withdrawal from global business and imports. Small town simple life America returns. The Christianizing movement spreads into other Republican controlled states.America isolates itself and solves the terrorist problem, full employment results and there is no housing problem.

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Autor: Wendell A. Yitis
ISBN-13:: 9781257851096
ISBN: 1257851098
Sprache: Englisch
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