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Managerial Economics and Business Strategy

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Michael Baye
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Chapter 1 The Fundamentals of Managerial EconomicsChapter 2 Market Forces: Demand and Supply
Chapter 3 Quantitative Demand Analysis
Chapter 4 The Theory of Individual Behavior
Chapter 5 The Production Process and Costs
Chapter 6 The Organization of the Firm
Chapter 7 The Nature of Industry
Chapter 8 Managing in Competitive, Monopolistic, and Monopolistically Competitive Markets
Chapter 9 Basic Oligopoly Models
Chapter 10 Game Theory: Inside Oligopoly
Chapter 11 Pricing Strategies for Firms with Market Power
Chapter 12 The Economics of Information
Chapter 13 Advanced Topics in Business Strategy
Chapter 14 A Manager's Guide to Government in the Marketplace
Case Study Time Warner Cable
This ninth edition of Managerial Economics and Business Strategy has been revised to include updated examples and problems, but it retains all of the basic content that made previous editions a success by teaching managers the practical utility of basic economic tools, such as; present value analysis, supply and demand, regression, indifference curves, isoquants, production, costs, and the basic models of perfect competition, monopoly, and monopolistic competition. This edition details the emphasis on real-world examples and modern topics along with unique coverage found nowhere else, such as; oligopoly, penetration pricing, multistage and repeated games, foreclosure, contracting, vertical and horizontal integration, networks, bargaining, predatory pricing, principal-agent problems, raising rivals' costs, adverse selection, auctions, screening and signaling, search, limit pricing, and a host of other pricing strategies for firms enjoying market power. This balanced coverage of traditional and modern microeconomic tools makes it appropriate for a wide variety of managerial economics classrooms.

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