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Autor: Ken Down
ISBN-13: 9781291305869
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Sprache: Englisch
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Lord of Capelburgh

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When George Crandall decides to change careers following a messy divorce, he chooses history and gets the idea of going back in time to observe the effects of the Black Death at first hand. The technical difficulties that defeated other historians he overcomes because of his engineering background and he soon finds himself back in the year 1340 - but instead of a comfortable sinecure at court, he is appointed to the lordship of Capelburgh, an insignificant castle on the Northumbrian coast.
After turning down the offer of a nubile 13-year old and her unattractive but desperate mother, George falls first for Meg, a bewitching Scottish red-head and then, when she proves fickle and faithless, he suddenly realises that the girl who has been under his nose all along is the one for him - or perhaps I should say, she manipulates him into matrimony and he doesn't mind a bit.

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Autor: Ken Down
ISBN-13:: 9781291305869
ISBN: 1291305866
Sprache: Englisch
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