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Radiology of the Post Surgical Abdomen

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John Brittenden
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261x184x25 mm

Illustrated with artist line drawings
Extensive library of high resolution TIFF images of post-operative anatomy and complications
All images have arrows delineating normal anatomy and features of complications
Written by experts with an excellent national and international reputation in gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary radiology and surgery
Oesophagus.- Oesophagectomy.- Oesophageal dilatation.- and colonic interposition.- Surgery for gastro-oesophageal reflux.- Stomach.- Gastrectomy.- Gastric bypass procedures.- Vertical banded gastroplasty.- Duodenal ulcer surgery and vagotomy.- Duodenal switch.- Pancreas.- Whipple's procedure.- for chronic pancreatitis (Frey's, Puestow's and Berger's).- Total pancreatectomy.- Sphincterotomy.- Management of pseudocysts.- Liver.- Orthoptic liver transplantation.- Liver resection.- Radiofrequency ablation.- TACE.- Biliary.- Cholecystectomy.- Bile duct injury.- Biliary fistula.- Retained calculi.- Biliary-enteric anastomoses.- Small bowel.- Enterectomy and anastomosis.- The small bowel after liver transplantation, gastric and pancreatic surgery.- Post operative small bowel obstruction and ileus.- Short bowel, blind loop and pouch syndromes.- Stomas.- Reservoirs.- Large bowel.- Resections (anterior resection, abdominoperineal, Hartman's).- Anastomoses.- Colostomies and cecostomies.- Pouches.- Mucous fistulas.- Surgery for anal fistula.- Genitourinary.- Partial and total nephrectomy.- Renal transplantation.- Urinary diversions.- Cystectomies.- Reservoirs.- male urethra.- General chapter - CT of the post operative abdomen.- Pneumoperitoneum.- Fluid collections.- Hernias.- Retained surgical products.- Shock.- Pitfalls.- List of abbreviations.
A comprehensive description of the most common abdominal operations involving the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver and genitourinary systems, illustrated with artists' drawings and images of normal post operative anatomy. The complications associated with each procedure will be in table format consisting of text alongside imaging examples. There will also be teaching points included. The book will be divided into nine chapters.

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