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The Grail: Sacra Moneta

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Peter Stonehouse
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Our tale of the Grail opens in the decidedly austere domain of a university archive but then expands to include a journey to far more exotic locations in Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, Cuba, and finally the United States. Unlike some accounts of the Grail, this one adheres to a vision of the Grail as something quite tangible and real that has the potential to transform lives, to heal the sick, to feed the hungry, to comfort the weary. In this journey of discovery, an enigmatic financier funds the research of three academics who peruse ancient documents to trace the journey of the Grail westward from the Byzantine Empire to Switzerland, From Zurich our quest takes us to Lothian Scotland, from there to Kilkenny Castle. From Ireland, our researchers and their patron visit Havana on yet another mission. Finally their work takes them back to the United States and the City of Brotherly Love, where their research ends but not their interest in each other. The book ends with the union of two lovers.

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