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The Dig You Later, Alligator Blues

A Lars Lindstrom Zen-Jazz Mystery
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Skoot Larson
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Could it be just a cosmic coincidence that exotic dancers begin disappearing around the South Bay area in record numbers just after a well-fed, 6-foot alligator is spotted in the San Pedros Machado Lake? Alto saxophonist Loose Bezich, whose topless terpsichorean girlfriend is terrified, doesnt believe in such concurrences. Loose calls on bandleader and fellow-jazzman Lars Lindstrom to help him check out the scene. Lars sets their suspicions before jazz fan and friend Captain Tom Cheatham of the L.A.P.D. Tom tells them he suspects that a rogue former cop with a penchant for collecting poisonous reptiles and other creepy crawlies might be the man responsible for both the missing strippers and "Reggie" the alligators appearance in the city parks large lagoon.
When their suspect stages a daring daylight bank hold-up then does his own disappearing act, police departments on two continents begin a serious manhunt for former Los Angeles detective Louis Muoz. Both the bad man and the gator elude capture. Then a second coincidence brings Loose, Lars and the band on a performing tour of the French Riviera just as Louis Muoz is sighted trying to cross the Spanish border.
Lars Lindstrom, musician turned detective faces is biggest challenge to date as Californias "Reggie-gator" serial killer becomes obsessed with the trumpet mans beautiful Norwegian lady.

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