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Love Letters from God

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"Love Letters From God" was given to me under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, much as a song, or a poem would come to you from the heart of God. These letters have been written from the viewpoint of God, as our Heavenly Father, and His desire to communicate the truth of His undying, passionate, love for us. The mission in the heart of God that came forth, as the Lord unfolded each letter to me, was to show us ourselves in the face of His Son, Jesus Christ, thus realizing our true identities, and fulfilling our destiny in Him. In revealing the truth of what He has done for us through this most precious gift, He skillfully revealed Himself in the light of the loving Father He is. As you read these letters ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the message of the Almighty God, who is also our loving, Heavenly Father.

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