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Wisdom Tea

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Artice Coleman
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There are times that we need some answers to the problems that arise in our lives and we need those answers right away. Wisdom Tea was born out of those situations that accrued in my own life. Life comes with a lot of twist and turns as well as detours that you may encounter on a daily basis and Wisdom Tea can help you look at your situation on a different level. Ive come to realize that people, places, and things can have lasting effects on your life; if you dont look to God first for the answers you so desperately need, you can become stuck and never find your way out.
Wisdom Tea gives you analogies and earthly situations with a heavenly direction to help you in the victories in your life. Its titles are catchy, with food for thought attached. God wants you to be blessed and move forward toward the destiny that he has in store for you and your family. What better way to know how to get there than by exercising the wisdom he so graciously wants to give to us; all we have to do is ask.

God has blessed me with a gift to look at life from different perspectives by applying analogies to my situations, a gift that has helped me tremendously in receiving the victories in my life. By reading Wisdom Tea on a daily basis and writing down your thoughts on the journal pages provided for you in each chapter, you may gain an understanding of your situation and see how God can bring you into your victories.

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