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Southern Psalms

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Lee Martin
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Our lives are filled with twists and turns, each one determined by choices that we make and colored by the consequences of what we find beyond our control. Somewhere along the road on our journey, between the sweetness of Gods grace and the aftermath of merciful judgment in our lives, we find ourselves in the middle of Gods will.In Lee Martins brilliant and compelling novel, Southern Psalms, shunned Amish Minister Travis Marlowe is confronted with the missiles and pangs of life. Finding himself now living in the aftermath of a terrible choice and battling not only with forces seen and unseen, but also with voices internal and external, he is driven to the very edge of hopelessness and despair. With the help of new friends and his daily Bible readings, especially his beloved Psalms, Travis steps into a new beginning built on the foundation of faith a faith that is sorely tested, but found to be as true as it is tempered and forged in the purifying fires of doubt, criticism, bigotry, and hate of 1960s southern Louisiana.As he battles Satan and his demons, Travis discovers the answers to nagging questions from deep within himself about what is most important in life. Underlying everything is his true love and devotion for God, for others, and for a wife and daughter that he left behind. Would he ever be able to go home again? The only road that will lead him there is one that he would have to choose for himself found only within the wonderment of Gods mercy and grace.Jim Crutchfield

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