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The Called Man

Properly Discerning the Call of God on Your Life
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Glenn Murphy
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When you realize that God has called you to ministry, you may find that you have many questions, such as What do I do now? and Where do I go from here? Initially, the answers may not be very clear. After thirty years in ministry, author Glenn Murphy realized that, with no real guidance and no understanding of how to find the answers, many ministers, young and old are still asking these questions.In this guide, The Called Man: Properly Discerning the Call of God on Your Life, Pastor Murphy guides you through the process of learning Gods plan for your life and ministry. Using the Word of God as his foundation, Pastor Murphy offers valuable new insights into what is required of a man of God and what kind changes you may need to make in your life.
When God calls you, you learn quickly that saying yes to God means far more than simply assenting. With sincere prayer and the guidance offered in this book, you can find your way and enjoy the journey toward meeting Gods plan for your life.

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