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Learning to Love

Purging Lust from Natural Affection
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Bruce Bullock
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In this book, youll find the way to heal deep-rooted problems of every kind that plague people throughout the world. There is widespread fear and anxiety that these are the last days and the end of the world. Unless we learn, accept, and receive the love of Christ now, we stand no chance of escaping the wrath or the tribulation coming suddenly, as a thief in the night, as Jesus has promised. Many of us would be caught unprepared and have no idea what to expect. Through the unconditional love of God alone, you can dispel all those fears and anxieties and face that eventuality with perfect peace while you are yet on earth as it is in heaven.By learning to love and to pray in love, you can restore the most dysfunctional family; reconcile with your spouse, your children, your employer or employees, your creditors, your irate neighbor, and most of all with yourself. Here youll find how to rid yourself of anger and bitterness that alienate even your dearest loved ones from you as well as your boss, your coworkers, or your customers. Open doors that have always been closed to you. Learn what sufficiency in all things is and the peace that passes all understanding.

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