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Black Lights & Burnt Candles

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Thorwald Johansen
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The statements History repeats itself and We learn from our errors are contradictory. If we learned from our errors, then history would not repeat itself. It makes more sense to say, Evil repeats itself and New generations do not learn from the evil errors of past generations.
The Word of God sets the standard for how we should live our lives. Everyone will be judged against this standard, equally. This standard is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, God must reward the righteous, and on the other hand, God must judge and penalize the unrighteous, as he has promised. He too must follow this same standard.

Changing the Word of God results in spiritual death (permanent separation from God), and yet, we find this taking place throughout every religion. False literature, interpretations (understanding), practices, teachings, and so on litter the Earth. Todays scribes and Pharisees are soldiers of Satan. High-headedness rules the day.

The real truth regarding the Word of God and the Trinity/Godhead is now revealed.

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